Best Side Jobs for Teachers to Earn Extra Money.

So far so good, there have been some very best side jobs for teachers to earn extra money; basically, this is supposed to be in a bid to raise themselves economically for standard survival. Teachers are often considered to be financially at the dregs of the social strata specifically because of the little money they seem to earn from their place of work. Many of those who teach categorically live from hand to mouth, and they never were seen to be respected in the society especially with attention paid to their economic status.

As against this backdrop, teachers deserve to be respected, not only because they teach to purposefully produce people in all spheres and walks of life, but also because they build today and tomorrow’s leaders, that is, leaders of our modern and postmodern society. However, it is shameful that the cesspit discussed above is the reality we now live in, and that is crudely unfair.

Teachers deserve to be appreciated and honored with particularly economic gratification. In an effort to honor, appreciate and gratify the teachers therefore, this article has devised some of the best side jobs for teachers to earn extra money and to help them enhance just the good life that have been only best dreamt than live to them. Extra cash will begin to drive in if our dear teachers can begin to take chances of these side opportunities.

Best Side Jobs for Teachers to Earn Extra Money.

1. Writing, Publishing, and Selling A Book

As a TEACHER, one of the surest and best side jobs for teachers to earn extra money is to start publishing and selling books using some of the online publishing agencies like Kindle Direct Publishing, etc. It is not surprisingly a scam to know that your book sells on Amazon which is one of the largest platforms available in today’s world.

Another related way by which a teacher survives amidst these economic crisis is publishing and selling the books among students and to the public.

2. Posting and Writing for Blogs

This gig is also among the best side jobs for teachers to earn extra money. Creating, posting and writing contents is a form of blogging where teachers who already know about this get their side income. Rather than writing a book, you can become a blogger writing blog posts on a flexible schedule. Then monetize your blog to make some extra cash.

You can blog about teaching or any other interests you have, and it should be fairly easy to keep up with during the school year or in the summer, as you can make your own schedule.

3. Virtual Assistant

Many people do a lot of things for people online. Part of these things are replying emails, writing essays, managing social media posts, etc. These gigs amongst others also add up to the main income of a teacher.

4. Working in a Club, Eateries, Restaurant, Gas Station

Teachers can also work especially on the nightshift as operator or servicemen in gas stations, restaurants, or clubs. Bartending is a great side hustle for teachers because it gives you an outlet to talk to adults, not just kids, all day. And during holidays when teaching does not really take place, other side ‘hustle’ like bartending, barista, etc. are very easy ways to make the extra money. Local coffee shops, especially need teachers who are already used to waking since not everyone likes to wake up early. In this kind of jobs, teachers can get constant tips apart from their salaries.

5. Taking Gig as a Graphic Designer

Another very exclusive and best side jobs for teachers to earn extra money is in graphic designing. Companies aren’t just hungry for written content; they’re also constantly in need of graphics, illustrations, logos, custom slide decks, and other graphic design assets. Not only companies, many online platforms also seek out the need for graphic designers online. And it is not news anymore that many youth with this skills rake out thousands of dollars daily from getting this gig.

Because it is most commonly found online, it becomes efficient for teachers as it does not have to overlap with their time in school.

6. Tutoring

One of the most popular and best side jobs for teachers to earn extra money is having extra classes or private classes with students who may need extra efforts before solid learning could take place. This undoubtedly pumps money into the pocket of the teacher without having to leave the school premises. Sometimes these private classes may be outside the school but the teacher must charged the transport fare with it.

7. Writing Resume

A good resume can help someone land the job they need. Whether someone is a new graduate or a seasoned expert, most need help crafting the perfect resume. With that, you can help them create a resume that helps them land the job. You could earn hundreds of dollars per resume!

8. Being Data Analyst

Skilled data analysts are some of the most sought-after professionals in the world. Because the demand is so strong, and the supply of people who can truly do this job well is so limited, data analysts command huge salaries and excellent perks, even at the entry-level; hence, it is advised that teachers can also take up this type of side job even though it may be stressful, yet it is worth oftentimes worth the struggle.

Data analysis is undoubted one of the best side job for teachers to earn extra money.

9. Having A Shop or Outlet

This is also one of the best ways to make money as a teacher in an economically struggling environment. A teacher can run some savings even with the meagre they earn on a monthly basis. This must be done against all odds coupled with absolute determination to diversify and rake in more money; otherwise, nothing will at the end of the day be done.

Opening a small banking outlet such as a POS shop, or running a charging outlet, or selling recharge cards, or selling clothes, shoes and other materials–all these can resorted to after the everyday work. To make it easier, you can also employ some hands to take care of the shops for you while you are deeply engrossed in teaching.

10. Engaging in Online Businesses

Selling as an entrepreneur or as a middle-man is one sure way to make real cool cash as one of the best side jobs for teachers to earn extra money. There are online platforms and many people including few teachers have tapped immensely from this idea of online trading. Examples are e-Bay, Amazon, O-pay, etc. On many of these sites, you can sell airtime, data subscription, DSTV and GOtv, etc. And without wasting time on it, people who make use of this chance, effectively rake in money daily in whatever denomination they use.

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