Bolstering the Immune System against Coronavirus in Nigeria (2021).

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Bolstering the Immune System against Coronavirus in Nigeria (2021) is an efficient eye-opener to how one can overcome just any disease or infection easily without stress. As humans, we are all created with a soldier within that needs to be invigorated by what we eat and how we live without.

Bolstering the Immune System against Coronavirus in Nigeria (2021)

This is a dangerous period for the world, as she continues in battling with the question of overcoming the ravages of a strange pandemic called Coronavirus. Across all human landscapes, the need daily arises for everyone to find that possible means by which they can guard themselves, families and friends from the ruinous attacks of the deadly and fast spreading disease.

Bolstering the Immune System against Coronavirus in Nigeria (2021)

Doctors have found out however, that the only prominent means to impenetrably defend one’s self from the virus is by first building up the immune system. This tends to have the ability to fight the virus at first contact and probably defeat it, depending on how strongly it has been built.

What then is the Immune System?

The immune system is a complex network of biological processes, like cells and proteins, which shields an organism against diseases and infections of any kind. It is also believed to always take stock of defeated germs in the body so it may recognize them and even respond faster in destroying them before they enter the body again.

Bolstering the Immune System against Coronavirus in Nigeria (2021)

Here are the beautiful highlights below:

1.  Eat Protein

Protein prevents getting ill because it contains large amount of zinc and aids in the production of white blood cells.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, man needs to consume at least 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight everyday as insufficiency can sustain detrimental results on his T-cells.

T-cells dispatch disease-fighting antibodies to bacteria and viruses. It is a vital part of the immune system.

2. Stop Smoking

Smoking is also recognized to be the sole destroyer of the human lung which on the other hand is a healing factor in the human body. Simply put, smoking destroys the lung.

It also destroys antibodies which are healing products of protein. That is, the destruction of these useful organ and product easily facilitates the breaking down of the human immune system and thus, oen man u to infections and diseases.

3. Get Vitamins and Antioxidants

Vegetables, red apples, cherries, orange, mango pumpkin, sweet potato, grapes, pineapple, coconut, dates, etc. are very rich in vitamins and are efficient antioxidants that can boost the immune system.

4. Take Prebiotic Foods

Foods like onion, garlic, banana, etc. help in maintaining a balanced gut micro biome which helps in strengthening the human immune.

5. Exercise

Exercise is an productive activity that keeps one healthy if attended to every day. This is because it has a bunch of benefits which are improving the immune regulation, decreasing inflammation, reducing the risk of falling sick and minimizing the adverse effects of senility or even aging.

6.Getting enough Sleep

Sleep is a biologically known rejuvenator whose need proves very necessary in the human body system. It allows the body to function as both a restorer and repairer of itself.

Without giving the body this opportunity to rejuvenate itself, it may be attacked by inflammation which are however capable of weakening the inner soldier within one.

This way also the immune system gets stronger enough to protect one from Corona virus.

7. The Sun

It is a known fact that the early sun is another source which produces vitamin D to the human body. This vitamin D, on the other hand, helps produce antibodies after aiding the process of the healthy functioning of the immune system.

The above listed things to do bolstering your immune system against Coronavirus in Nigeria (2021) will be very useful solutions to help bolster the immune system against every imminent invasion or attack of the body by disease such Corona virus among other infections in this period.

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