Career Opportunities in Mass Communication.

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There are diverse career opportunities in Mass Communication for anyone who study it in the university at the higher level, especially with some proficiency and efficient display of talent and creativity. Being one of the most important of courses under Arts and Humanities, Mass Communication is a very lucrative course when studied with so much interest–because it is channel by which individuals and entities relay information to large segments of the population all at once through mass media.

Mass Communication profession has become so highly demanding; the request for its services has continued to increase in demand by the developed and underdeveloped countries most especially in the area of Journalism, broadcasting and Media Technology such as Film Media. It is often said that a prospective student of Mass Communication needs to look good if they will need to thrive in TV broadcast; or has to have a melodious voice to thrive in Radio broadcast, or has to have an exceptional writing skill to thrive in print media; The truth of the profession is that career in Mass Communication is much beyond what is obtainable with these qualities mentioned.

Career Opportunities in Mass Communication.

As much as there abound many professional engagements available in the course, any graduates of Mass Communication, with a well-focused academic training and self-determination, can look up for opportunities in the following careers:

A. News Casting

First career on the mind of anyone at the mention of the phrase, MASS COMMUNICATION, is News Casting. It is one of those career opportunities in Mass Communication that is about broadcasting of news on radio or television. Anyone who goes into this business is called newscaster.

B. News Reporting

News reporting involves discovering all relevant facts, selecting and presenting the important facts and weaving a comprehensive story. Reporting involves hard work, which in turn involves stamina and patience. The main function of journalistic profession is news reporting. Anyone A reporter needs not only energy to spend long hours chasing a story, collecting facts from various sources in an effort to dig up the truth, he needs must have the will to pursue the course of his investigation to the very end in order to produce a really comprehensive story without any missing links or unanswered questions.

C. Roving Reporting

Roving Reporting is another form of reporting which entails traveling around, rather than staying in a fixed place. It is another one of the career opportunities in Mass Communication. The Roving Reporter section aims to provide news from inter/ national conferences, seminars and other such events.

D. Desk Editing

A desk editor might work for a book publisher or a publication like a magazine or newspaper. He or she is frequently a managing editor, which means he or she is in charge of a group of juniors. The main responsibility of this position is to manage the editing desk as a whole. A desk editor is typically in charge of ensuring that a publication meets quality standards and delegating assignments to those who report to him or her. It is also a type of careers opportunities in Mass Communication.

E. Program Anchoring

Mass communicators can also anchor programs, given their voice qualification. This career as far as social events are concerned is a much lucrative career.

F. Editing/Proofreading
Editing is about planning, coordinating, and revising material for publication in books, newspapers, or periodicals or on websites. Editors review story ideas and decide what material will appeal most to readers. During the review process, editors offer comments to improve the product and suggest titles and headlines. The editors not only have to decide which story should reach their readers and with what emphasis by they have also the final responsibility for the maintenance of accuracy and clarity in their news items. They also try to see that the story confirms to their style as well as it is understood correctly.
G. Public Relations Practice

This also is the business of creating, sustaining and promoting good mental image for public and private organizations, and it is one of the viable career opportunities in Mass Communication. This career path can be trailed in two different forms. One has the option of working as an employee of an organization for which he practices PR. The other option is to work for PR firm to practice PR as a consultant to other organizations. Whichever way, PR practitioner will have to work hand-in-hand with journalists who are in the field. He would want to influence some positive media attention to his client.

H. blogging

Degree in Mass Communication opens way up for anyone to consider going into blogging. Since much of the course is about news, broadcasting, and reaching out to the wide public, mass communication, skills that are needed for blogging will never be an issue at all.

I. Communication design

With a mix of graphic design skill, communication design be seen as a cross discipline between design and information-development which is concerned with how media communicate with people. The field of design has diverse career options and is considered as one of the best-paying professions currently. As a communications designer, you can explore careers in television, print media, advertising & branding, UX design, animation and more. A degree in Mass Communication marks a good start for this.

J. Independent Photojournalism

Photojournalism is journalism that uses images to tell a news story. It usually only refers to still images, but can also refer to video used in broadcast journalism. A photojournalist is a reporter, but they must often make decisions instantly and carry photographic equipment, often while exposed to significant obstacles, among them immediate physical danger, bad weather, large crowds, and limited physical access to their subjects.

K. Campaign Management

Campaign management is the planning, tracking analysis and execution of all of the factors involved in a standard marketing initiative. This professionalism can be used to launch a new product or event, or they can also be used to promote an existing business or product. It is one of the career opportunities in Mass Communication.

L. Journalism

Journalism, in all its varieties, especially Print and Broadcast Journalism, is the most traditional career path one can trail after studying Mass Communication. This is a broad term that encompasses so many things. To start with, journalism in its very conservative form consists of broadcast and print. In both branches, one can aspire to be a reporter, a proof-reader, an editor or a reviewer. One can aspire to be a newspaper columnist or a newscaster in the broadcast journalism in both TV and Radio.

M. Information Officer

Responsible for managing and maintaining databases, information catalogues and web resources, information officers use their expertise to make sure that the information they manage is safe, secure and easily accessible. It is a very reliable career.

N. Lecturing

Graduates with degrees in Mass Communication can also dabble into lecturing. It opens one of the most financially rewarding career opportunities in Mass Communication.

O. Press Secretaryship

Press secretary is a person officially in charge of press relations for a usually prominent public figure. A government’s or political leader’s press secretary is someone who is employed by them to give information to the press.

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