List Of Accredited Courses In Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna

Courses In Air Force Institute of Technology– The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Kaduna is a tertiary institution with a blend of military and civilian staff and students.

Courses In Air Force Institute of Technology

AFIT is accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), National Universities Commission (NUC), Council for the Regulation of Engineers in Nigeria (COREN) and Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).

The Institute conducts undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Aerospace Engineering and allied disciplines.

If you are an applicant looking for available courses in Air Force Institute of Technology Kaduna State or you want to find out the list of courses in  AFIT you can study? …I personally recommend you study this page.

List Of Accredited Courses In Air Force Institute of Technology:

The following courses are approved under the various faculties and departments:

1. AFIT Masters Programmes (M.Sc)-

    • M.Sc. Aerospace Vehicle Design
    • M.Sc. Thermal Power

2. AFIT Post Graduate Diploma (Pgd)-

    • PGD Aerospace Engineering
    • PGD Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    • PGD Construction Technology
    • PGD Logistics and supply chain Management

3. AFIT Degree Programmes-

Faculty of Air Engineering.

    • Aircraft Maintenance Department
    • Aircraft Engineering Department
    • Mechanical and Aerospace Ground Engineering Department and
    • Armament Engineering Department
    • B.Eng. Aerospace Engineering
    • B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
    • B.Eng. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    • B.Eng. Information & Communication Technology
    • B.Eng. Automotive Engineering
    • B.Eng. Civil Engineering

More Accredited Courses:

    • B.Sc. Accounting
    • B.Sc. Business Administration
    • B.Sc. Economics
    • B.Sc. Marketing
    • B.Sc. Cyber Security
    • B.Eng mechatronics Engineering
    • B.Eng Metallurgical and Material Engineering
    • B.Eng Telecommunication Engineering
    • B.Sc computer Science
    • B.Sc Chemistry
    • B.Sc mathematics
    • B.Sc Physics
    • B.Sc physics with electronics
    • B.Sc Marketing
    • B.Sc statistics
    • B.Sc International relation
    • B.Sc banking and finance

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