Dead Fresh Leaf and The Mohbad Metaphor

Much is currently being said about the strong-headed spirit of the undying star, the dead fresh leaf, and the Mohbad metaphor is written to solely to shed some opinion on the subject of the environment of the singer‘s death which hopefully will help caution the  people’s consciousness and beliefs against the several speculations and intimidations hovering around.

The death of such a star is a big blow and coupled with the fact that he is some young star who’s just rising, it is unfair to let his death slip away like that without fighting to the last drop of one’s blood. But do we not need to still be careful? Do we just open our eyes and ears and just believe anything?

Our caution and carefulness will of course help us understand what steps to take without losing the fight. This topic is here to help feed you with what you need to avoid being intimidated  by any thing you read or watch on the internet!

Dead Fresh Leaf: The Mohbad Metaphor

On September 12, 2023, a dynamite falls on the Nigerian music industry like a dead fresh Leaf: Mohbad!

As if weightier than a dead fresh Leaf, the ground had been shaking and the jungle had begun to grow curious. “The dead fresh Leaf?!”

It was indeed a tragic event that the body of the young but dead Mohbad had to be buried expeditiously by a father who was however ashamed to have witnessed the most tragic event of his life. Abominable, isn’t it?

Yes! But the world cannot just move on, like the dead fresh Leaf has never fallen at all! No one imagines a fast sweeping under the carpet.

Since that is not how the story should be told in the future, the exhumation of connected real life scenes must be untied and added to the fact of how it all began!

Of how it all led to the falling of the now dead fresh leaf?

Dead Fresh Leaf and The Mohbad Metaphor

So they had the keys to the morgue of details of how the wind began but they protested nothing until it led now to the demise and the racket?!

This must be interesting. But with the very fast unfolding of impliable stories, some of which may be true, while some merely expressive and manipulative, we will have to agree that there is more to six than seven.

The expressiveness of those implied facts gallantly positions a clarity i.e. the agony and anger which were invoked by the news. Similarly, its manipulating power however resides in its intention to compellingly bend every mind to seeing and picking the picture of its own alleged facts!

Likened to the event of a road accident which would have passers-by crowding its blood-wet scene, many would rush to sympathize both the ghastly and the fatally injured while having nothing to rescue…other than with their pouches of tears and pity.

Dead Fresh Leaf and The Mohbad Metaphor

Others at the scene would surreptitiously do so, searching for the precious valuables of the casualties as well as of the engrossed onlookers. They will pilfer; like hawks, they will cart riches off the gote and gore of the pathetic victims including the fear-gripped, sullen bystanders.

The guts to make profitable business of greed out of the pain of the though peace-seeking (when he was alive), yet unhelped fresh leaf (till dead and buried) brings me to ask whether this truly is what PEACE is all about?

This therefore drives me to the truth of the above metaphor, where it is vividly described that the real home is empty and everyone has gone to work on fields of selfishness.

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