Dental Nurse Career Opportunities in Nigeria.

Dental nurse career opportunities in Nigeria includes: dental hygienists, Dental therapists, Orthodontic therapist, oral health education, radiography etc. provides teeth cleaning services and preventative care education.

The tasks Dental Nurses perform vary by specialization but can include taking x-rays, applying sealants, administering anesthesia and removing sutures.

Requirements for this career in Nigeria include completing an accredited  dental nursing degree or HND and health certificate program and obtaining license.

The duty and role  of a dental nurse is to work along side and assist dentists, therapists and hygienists in the care of patients. It is a varied job and can include everything from supporting with routine check ups to advanced specialist treatments. Also Preparing and passing instruments to the dentist or hygienist. Suctioning water and saliva from the patient’s mouth during treatment. Preparing fillings and other materials. Providing support and reassurance to the patient.

A dental nurse in Nigeria is an essential healthcare worker whose main responsibility is to assist dentists. The dental nurse helps the dentist prepare instruments, prepare and mix materials, pass the dentist the required tools, and do administrative duties such as scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, and billing. They make sure that everything runs smoothly so that both the dentist and the patient have a pleasant experience throughout the sessions.

How to Become a Dental Nurse in Nigeria.

To become a Dental Nurse in Nigeria, one of the first things to consider is how to acquire a Dental Nursing bachelor’s degree or special education training in terms of higher education levels. Even though most Dental Nurses in Nigeria have a university degree, it’s possible to become one with only a high national diploma or  college degree.

Once you have gained your qualification to become a dental nurse in Nigeria the next thing is to get  enough experience, as a dental nurse, you may be curious about the different careers you can chart.

Dental nursing certainly doesn’t come with one career. The possibilities for dental nurse career are wide ranging and certainly worth pursuing if you’re committed to the role.

Dental Nurse Career Opportunities in Nigeria.

Once you are fully qualified, there are a wide range of dental nurse career opportunities in Nigeria. With both full-time and part-time positions available in a variety of settings, including general dental practice, hospitals and community settings, it’s down to you to forge the career of your dreams.

As a dental nurse, you can advance into an oral health practitioner role which is the popular path for dental nurses to tread. Training towards becoming a dental hygienist, dental therapist or orthodontic therapist are excellent options if you have your qualification in this area.

Progressing as a senior dental nurse or stepping into management or teaching are also routes to consider among dental nurse career opportunities in Nigeria.

You may opt to pursue further training so you can undertake additional responsibilities including oral health education, radiography and conscious sedation.

There different dental nurse career opportunities in Nigeria you can chart. The dental nurse careers are wide ranging and certainly worth pursuing if you’re committed to the role. Some of these careers are:

Orthodontic therapist.

A dental nurses can work as an orthodontic therapist. In this role you can assist dentists in carrying out orthodontic treatment and provide some aspects of the treatment yourself.

The job also requires you to assist patients in emergency situations by relieving pain or making sure that appliances are safe to use.

Dental hygienists.

Dental hygienists play a vital role in helping prevent oral problems from arising and carry out essential procedures such as scaling and polishing teeth, as well as applying topical fluoride and fissure sealants.

Hygienists based in a hospital can also be required to help patients who are having surgery or complicated orthodontic treatment, as well as those with particular medical conditions, to maintain a healthy mouth and oral care routine.

Dental Therapists.

Dental therapists role is almost of the same work as dentists. This often means performing routine check-ups, freeing up dentists to take on more advanced tasks. However, it is a line of work that can also see you tend to patients who have high treatment needs, special needs or dental anxiety.

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