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 How can Knowledge Enables the Understanding of the Universe?

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How can knowledge enables the understanding of the universe?..  In this regard, knowledge requires language for effective transmission. This is because a piece of knowledge is useless unless it is transferred to others. In this sense, language, according to Rita Conan, “confers some kind of cognitive advantages on human beings over other species.”

How Knowledge Enables the Understanding of The Universe.
How Knowledge Enables the Understanding of The Universe.

To make this statement requires that we understand the intimate connection between  language  and knowledge; knowledge and its growth are motivated by language. Just as you have seen, language becomes significant because it conveys knowledge and concepts.

First, language and knowledge enable humans to properly understand and classify nature for the purpose of controlling it.

 How can Knowledge Enables the Understanding of the Universe?

The second advantage follows from the first: both enlarge the range of human  possibilities through the understanding of nature we achieve. For instance, the process of abstraction allows you to take phenomena out of their immediate context and apply it to other contexts. To abstract, we take the common characteristics of several phenomena.

Thirdly, language and knowledge provide a better means of organising human experience especially through conceptualisation.

Finally, language also facilitates information storage and retrieval. This is very crucial in the growth and relevance of knowledge.

In the final analysis, knowledge is a function of language’s capacity to divide reality into meaningful segments that makes understanding possible. Effective dissemination of knowledge   is therefore only possible when effective communication has taken place.

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