How Does Language Facilitates the Dissemination of Knowledge

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How Does Language Facilitates the Dissemination of Knowledge..…..The overall implication of these three conditions is that knowledge becomes justified true belief.

How Language Facilitates the Dissemination of Knowledge

How Language Facilitates the Dissemination of Knowledge

That is, knowledge is what we have good reasons for believing. Such a piece of knowledge is  only justified when it is true or has its foundation in facts. This conception of knowledge—what   is often called the traditional definition of knowledge—has become a significant problem in philosophy.

For instance, philosophers ask the question: Does justified true belief constitute knowledge? In other words, are the three conditions really sufficient for claiming that a person “knows” something? For instance, they have argued that it is really possible to know something without actually believing it.

Imagine that I was attending an interview and I was asked to state the date of the last  eclipse of the sun. I was so dumbfounded by that technical question that I just blurted the next thing that came to my mind. And I got it without believing that I did! The other situation is that some philosophers have also argued that some form of knowledge is actually possible without justification.

Consider the case of those who can reliably predict the rain with accuracy without actually being able to justify how they did it. This calls into question the idea of justification central to the traditional definition of knowledge.

The lesson of the disagreement with the traditional definition of knowledge is basically that, according to Scruton, we should draw a distinction between whether a person knows so and so, and whether a person has reason to justify his or her beliefs.

The concept of knowledge derives its significance from its capacity to help us distinguish  between which of our beliefs are reliable and which we can’t depend on. This has significant implication which contributes to human survival and flourishing.

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