Improviser Meaning: How to Be a Good Improviser?

Anyone can be an improviser and it is an impressive ability. Improviser meaning in the broad sense is someone who can think and act impulsively, without preparation or planning and adjust to changing situations. The skill of improvisation can be use in different forms of communication, expression and acts. It can either be in creative or artistic, scientific, academic and non-academic context.

Improvisers are intelligent minds that think out of the box. An improviser can make an outstanding contribution in comedy, speech, cooking, sales, dance and o on. For instance, someone can make something at time when it is needed without already planned. A musician can jam to jazz or other musical style. And in theatre, an actor can play a dramatic scene without written dialogue or can ad-lib lines. This article will enlighten you on some of the ways to become a good improviser.

How to Be a Good Improviser

  • Embrace the “Yes”

As an improviser “yes” is the basic spontaneous means of actively building, supporting and expanding idea on scene. Rather than negativity, build idea by saying “yes, and!”. Embracing “yes” is not about blind agreement or sacrificing your own creativity. It is about enhancing collaborative spirit, building upon ideas, and cheerfully creating something spontaneous and unique together.

  • Listen and Sharpen your Observation Skill

For you to be a good improviser, it is important that you pay attention to conversations and manners. Listen to one another and respond to the information, this can ignite ideas for future scene and character. Pay attention to world around you. When another actor is taking the lead, listen to their words, observe their actions, and react accordingly.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

A good improviser should try new things and extend ability, without being afraid of making mistakes and learning from them. Good improviser tries repeatedly this to see what works. Make mistakes and learn from them, they are absolutely learning opportunities. It is okay to make mistake, cause it often lead to the funniest and most memorable moments in improv. Nobody is perfect, so your mistake helps you discover a new way to handle unexpected situations. The only mistake can be, not trying at all.

  • Always look for Inspiration

You can get inspiration from everywhere you look. Keep your mind curious and your eyes open. Observe other improviser, draw inspiration from art, music and literature. If your job as improvisers is to inspire, you need to be inspired, that is when improver meaning can showcase its impact. You cannot give what you don’t have.

  • Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

This is a crucial aspect of growth as an improviser. You need to expand your boundaries, discover new skills or possibilities, embrace innovation and have fun through the whole scenes. It is not all about being perfect. So take some risk, explore and exceed your usual boundaries.

  • Rehearse

    To become an amazing improviser, you need to practice. This will help you to unleash your inner skills. You can attend improv either physical or online classes and workshops. Also you can read improv books, blog, and do solo practice or with other improvisers. The more you improvise, the more better you will become in spontaneous creation.

  • Be Authentic

Connect your life experience into your improv because memory can add authenticity to performance. Don’t get caught up in trying to be perfect. Don’t just say words, feel them by connecting genuine emotions to it and trust your instinct. Discover your own style.

  • Be Creative 

Being able to think outside the box within a reality that audience can relate to, is one of the essential things to observe in explaining the meaning of improviser. Creativity is not just a personality trait for an improviser; it is the heart beat of the improv spirit. So for you to be a good improviser, you just have to be creative by creating unique ideas and taking risk.

Now that you understand improviser meaning and some of the ways to become a good improviser. Remember to be patient, practice often and don’t be afraid of exceeding your comfort zone.

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