Best Internet Providers that Offer Internet Service in Northfield

Internet providers that offer internet service in Northfield: Northfield is a city in Dakota and Rice counties in the State of Minnesota. It is mostly in Rice County, with a small portion in Dakota County.

The community is recognized for its active arts programs and events throughout the year. Each September, the community hosts the Defeat of Jesse James Days, where the famous James Gang’s unsuccessful attempt to rob the First National Bank of Northfield is re-enacted for large crowds of residents and visitors.

Northfield a City in Dakota Minnesota, is a peaceful residential area where most people own homes. It’s one of the best suburban places to live as it’s also closer to nature, with around 21,000 population as of 2022 census estimates.

If you’re planning to live or already living in this city, you might have to decide the best internet service to use if you are in this city.

When choosing an internet service, consider internet speed variation and cost. These two are the most significant factors with your corresponding internet need and the number of users. Also take note of:

  • Internet Speeds

You will need more than 50 Mbps if you work from home or need to download or upload heavy files. So going for slower speeds just because they are affordable is not a good decision. If you can, go for Spectrum’s mid-range internet plan and enjoy interrupted internet.

  • Data Cap

Always check the data caps put by the ISPs. If you don’t find them in the advertisement, look for them in the terms and conditions. For example, some services might cut off the connection if you exceed the monthly data limit.

On the other hand, some services will reduce the bandwidth throttle, and you will receive slow internet speed if you exceed the data cap. Usually, the internet service providers charge you based on MBs or GBs used beyond the monthly data limit.

  • Contract Termination Fee

ISPs put contract termination fees to retain their customers. Therefore, you must check the termination fee before signing up for an internet provider in Northfield. That might cost you at least $500.

Fortunately, internet providers like Frontier have some internet plans with no termination fees.

No doubt, an internet connection is necessary even outside the central city. So, let’s compare internet providers with their services. The bottom-line is you will find the best internet providers in Northfield, a City in Dakota Minnesota but difficult to decide which to choose. But worry no more because this post will show you the best internet providers in Northfield, Minnesota.

Best Internet Service Providers in City of Northfield, Minnesota

Northfield, Minnesota, has multiple internet providers that offer internet service in Northfield at various rates. So if you plan to live there, check for the best internet providers in the city. The above comparison guide will help you in making a sound decision.

Contact the trademark holder’s customer support if you doubt the hidden fees. They will answer all your queries.

Here, We’ll discuss the best internet service provider in city of Northfield, Minnesota. These are also the common internet service provider in city of Northfield, Minnesota:

1. Spectrum

The best thing about Spectrum is they don’t have data caps. So you can enjoy downloading and uploading without worrying about the monthly data limit. The download speeds are also satisfactory.

The availability of Spectrum is another big factor as it’s the second largest cable internet provider in the US, including Northfield, Minnesota, and 4o other states.

Spectrum is a cable internet provider and is famous for its award-winning performance. This service is affordable and offers high-speed internet to its subscribers. Spectrum also offers up to $500 early termination fees if you are tired of your old internet provider.

Pricing and Speeds of Spectrum

Spectrum Internet offers fast speeds at affordable monthly pricing. For example, you get 100 Mpbs for only $45 – $50 monthly. At this speed, you can enjoy online gaming, stream 4K movies, and browse the internet simultaneously.

The wired and wireless connections also work well with Spectrum. You will not face lag and increased latency if your Wi-Fi equipment has no major problems.

2. CenturyLink

CenturyLink is one of the best DSL internet providers in Northfield, Minnesota. It upgraded its technology to fiber optic internet. The internet plans are also affordable without any contracts.

You might see CenturyLink “Contract For Life,” which can confuse you. But that has nothing to do with signing a contract. Also, this internet provider doesn’t include any initial costs. So you only have to bear the monthly internet subscription cost.

Pricing and Speeds of CenturyLink

CenturyLink keeps changing its pricing plans, so it’s better to check out its website and update yourself. This communication firm offers two types of internet connections:

  1. DSL internet
  2. Fiber internet

The DSL connection is the most common internet plan, which gives 20 Mbps – 100 Mbps at $50/month. This variation in internet speeds depends on where you live. Some locations get 20 – 25 Mbps due to a lack of internet availability or poor network.

These speeds also depend on the number of internet users. For example, if more than five households connect to CenturyLink’s 20 Mbps plan, you will experience lag and slow internet speed.

On the other hand, fiber internet is rare but offers the fastest speeds, i.e., 100 Mbps, at $70/month. It also provides 20x faster upload speeds than DSL or cable internet.

CenturyLink also offers free installation of the fiber connection setup, which costs $299.

CenturyLink provides high-speed wired and Wi-Fi connection to all devices. It’s another secure and reliable internet service provider in Northfield, Minnesota.

Many customers said they used their modem and router with CenturyLink internet. However, you must confirm that by contacting their exceptional customer support. CenturyLink also provides TV and home phone service bundles with internet plans.

CenturyLink will not cut your connection if you exceed the monthly data cap of 1 terabyte. Instead, you will receive a notification about the exceeded internet usage and a suggestion to upgrade your internet plan.

One thing that customers complained about is CenturyLink sometimes goes against what it displays in the ads. So, for example, a CenturyLink advertisement might say 25 Mbps, but in reality, you get only 18 Mbps – 20 Mbps.

3. Radio Link Internet

Radio Link Internet, or RLI, is a fixed wireless internet provider active in Minnesota. If you live in Northfield, Minnesota, RLI is an option due to its high-speed internet.

Pricing and Speeds of Radio Link Internet

You get three internet plans by RLI:

  1. 15 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speeds for $55/month
  2. 22 Mbps download and 7 Mbps upload speeds for $65/month
  3. 30 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speeds for $85/month

You can also contact RLI support to subscribe to the 1,000 Mbps internet plan. You might be thinking that these slower speeds are expensive. That’s true.

However, using Wi-Fi towers, RLI ensures a consistent wireless internet connection to your home. These towers get internet from a wired internet source, which is expensive.

In such areas like Northfield, Minnesota, and others where cable internet or fixed wireless network is not available, RLI comes into play.

RLI is a bit expensive, and people only use this service when they have no other option. Therefore, affordability is the primary option. However, subscribers are satisfied with the hassle-free services offered by RLI.

They also enjoy high-speed internet on multiple devices like computers, smartphones, and smart TVs.

4. Viasat

Viasat, formerly known as Exede, is one of the two satellite internet providers in Northfield, MN. Many people show concern about the satellite internet because of its performance. But as technology advances, the satellite internet will also improve.

Pricing and Speeds of  Viasat

The Viasat internet pricing ranges from $70 – $300 with 25 – 100 Mbps download speeds. Unfortunately, you can’t get any faster satellite internet speeds yet. However, the satellite technology of broadcasting the internet will become faster.

The data caps range from 40 GB – 300 GB. The 300 GB monthly data limit is best if you live with 5 – 7 internet users. But that will cost you $300 a month, which is the drawback of Viasat.

This satellite Internet provider occasionally offers promotional prices, which you can find by visiting their website.

Viasat customers like the internet service despite the slower speeds compared to cable and fiber internet. It’s because they get seamless and consistent internet access. Moreover, many subscribers go for Viasat Platinum 100. What’s that?

The Viasat Platinum is the Unlimited internet plan which offers 100 Mbps speed without any data limit.

5. HughesNet

HughesNet is another satellite internet provider for the rural population. It provides enough data speed to surf the internet, check emails, stream videos, and work from home. HughesNet also comes with built-in WiFi.

So, you can easily connect to the HughesNet WiFi connection once you finish setting up the network.

Pricing and Speeds of HughesNet

HughesNet satellite internet is slower than Viasat. You get the maximum download speed of 25 Mbps with 3 Mbps upload speeds. However, it costs you only $60 – $150 per month, which is quite affordable.

That’s why HughesNet is the cheapest internet provider in Northfield, Minnesota. But that’s not the final verdict because HughesNet might not be your best internet provider if you need fast speeds.

Customers rely on the HughesNet internet service because of its availability. Whether in Northfield or elsewhere, HughesNet can provide you with an uninterrupted internet connection. In addition, this satellite internet service gives broadband coverage to the entire US, thanks to satellite technology.

Another good thing about HughesNet WiFi is they don’t cut off your connection when you reach the monthly data limit like other internet providers in Northfield.

HughesNet also offers 500 GB of internet data during off-peak hours, i.e., 2 AM – 8 AM.

6. Frontier

Frontier Communications provides DSL and fiber internet, especially for the rural population. Although this service is considered inexpensive compared to other internet providers, that depends on your household.

For example, you will get slower speeds if you have 3+ internet users and subscribe to the cheapest Frontier plan. Even if the bandwidth allocation is maximum to your laptop or smartphone, you will get reduced internet speeds because of network congestion.

Also, you must choose the Frontier internet package carefully if you live in Northfield, Minnesota, and has a large family.

Pricing and Speeds of Frontier

The Frontier pricing varies regionally and ranges from $20 – $250 monthly. You can check the Frontier internet rates in your area by entering the ZIP code on their website.

The internet speeds also vary in DSL and fiber optic internet connections.

Customers like the flexible Frontier subscription because some internet plans don’t have contracts. On the other hand, you will find a 24-month contract on some plans. In addition, some Frontier internet plans to offer a free Wi-Fi router.

Frontier also provides bundles that include TV, phone, and internet service. Again, you can choose what bundle you want from their website.

The internet plans by Frontier are a bit expensive for users who share data with their households or roommates. However, unlike other MN internet providers, Frontier is a reliable internet service, so you don’t have to worry about disconnections or hidden fees.

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