Jobs You Can Do With a Philosophy Degree

Are you contemplating on studying or you are already a student of philosophy and curious about jobs you can do with a philosophy degree? Well, several people are pessimistic about employment prospect of philosophy major. This is because the field is so broad and doesn’t point toward a specific career path, some are worried that they will be overlooked by employers or disregard in favor of others with a more targeted degree.

But that is absolutely a misconception, Philosophy is one of the most interesting and intellectually inspiring academic disciplines that prepare you for a large number of career. In labor market, it is  hard to find a career that a philosophy degree isn’t an excellent foundation for, because of the transferable skills, such as : critical and logical thinking, problem-solving, communication, research, writing, analytical and other skills.

A degree in philosophy can actually make you more employable, definitely! and here are some job areas you can consider with philosophy degree:

  • Law

In legal system, philosophers are valued for their skills; in writing effectively, debating and analyzing an argument, solving various problems, , ethical and political reasoning.  Legal matters can be complex, but a philosophy degree helps you navigate the cognitive complexities of the industry. So, you can decide to become a lawyer, paralegal, legal researcher.  If you want to consider this, then you have to attend Law school and the rate of acceptance for philosophy majors into law schools is extremely high.

  • Teaching

You can teach philosophy at various levels, from high school to university, or even adult education courses. By presenting specialized topics to students. sharing your knowledge is a naturally worthy for philosophy graduate. You can choose to be a philosophy professor.

  • Media

The study of philosophy carries a large emphasis on writing and communication skills. Students who major in philosophy commonly work as: journalist, public relations, consultant, media correspondent, news anchor, etc.

  • Arts, Humanities and Architecture

Training in Philosophy provides the basis for a mature understanding of  art and architecture but often requires either advanced technical training or a graduate degree. Philosophical theories of aesthetics, meaning, culture and society have always been a source of inspiration for innovative art and architecture. You could become a museum curator, art critic, film critic, or even pursue creative writing or filmmaking.

  • Writing and Editing

Your edge in communication skills make you a naturally fit for writing professions and editing plan, review, and revise written content, which can come from numerous sources, including professional authors, companies, and government agencies.  Journalism, copywriting, content writing, technical writing, or even creative writing is a great job idea.

  • Politics and Public Policy

Philosophy major can often be an excellent preparation in politics and public policy which requires communicating with others, creating arguments, and unraveling the arguments of others. Public policy analyst work in provincial or federal civil service, policy research institutions to analyze and solve problems that affect masses. Philosophy gives you the foundation, if you are thinking of taking an advanced degree in international affairs, public administration or policy development.

  • Clergy

Philosophy degree provide a strong foundation for theological studies. You might choose to become a Minister, priest, rabbi, deacon, youth minister, etc.

  • Health Care Professional

Healthcare professionals manage the daily operations of hospitals and other health service provider. Philosophy majors are commonly found working in health care environments in areas such as hospital policy, administration, communication, or budgeting.

  • Tech Industry

Also job you can do with a philosophy degree can be in the tech industry, they need people who can think creatively, analyze complex systems, and solve problems logically. Philosophy majors, with their solid analytical skills and ability to think critically, can excel in roles like software development, data analysis, or user experience design.

Others include:

  •  Lobbyist
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Public Relation
  • Psychologist
  • Research Consultant and so on.

There are many celebrities and highly successful people who have made philosophy their major, people like: Angela Davis, Sam Harris, Carl Icahn, Carly Fiorina, George Soros, Chris Hardwick, Sam Harris, Kathryn Sophia Belle.

Tips for finding a job as a philosophy major:
  • Be open to internships, fellowships, and part-time roles. Employers expect job seekers to have some kind of experience, even if it’s through a part-time job or internship.
  • Leverage your college experiences on your resume. If you’ve held a leadership role in a club or student group and/or taken some heavy courses with significant projects
  • Be prepared to talk about your transferable skills, talk about the values you can bring to the work place
  • connect with professionals and alumni in your desired field

Welcome the resourcefulness of philosophy degree and explore limitless potential, regardless of the path you choose, a philosophy degree will give you a valuable set of skills and a unique perspective that can help you stand out in any field.

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