7 Marketing Tips For Fruit Juice Business in Africa.

fruit juice is a  product extracted directly from fresh fruits through various technological expert.

Marketing Tips For Fruit Juice Business

It can be taken either as a mixture of different fresh fruits extracts or from a single fruit. Different fruits have got different flavours, for example, mango, orange, pineapple, apple, water melon, peach and so on.

A mixture of different flavors is normally referred to as juice cocktail. In the Africa today, fruit juice business has become one of the most lucrative business. The fresh juice is a product seen by many people as healthy and one that has the capability of boosting one’s immunity.

Fruit juice business is capital intensive but worth every penny of your investment. The good news is that there is still provision to start small and explore new frontier.

Pick up any  type of fruit juice business Africa and follow the amazing marketing tips for fruit juice business

The marketing tips for fruit juice business below are form of creativity being used to bring customers in. It’s amazing how these little details can make all the difference. The best way to promote your fruit juice business includes:

  • Design an attractive signboard with full of information. Put that board in the right place to attract visitors.
  • Shake hands with party vendors, wedding planners, and other catering business organizers to grab bulk orders.
  • Distribute business cards to partners and potential customers.
  • Participate in food fairs, food exhibitions and let people taste the free samples of juice.
  • Distribute flyers, pamphlets or brochures in the community areas to grab people’s attention.
  • Spend money to publish an advertisement for juice business in local health magazines and newspapers.
  • Be active on social media accounts and run an online contest by using hashtag phenomena.
  • Ask your happy clients to take a picture of the product and post it on their Instagram by mentioning the brand name (Hashtag).
  • Start E-mail marketing campaign with existing customers to make long term connections. Send them health tips or other health articles daily or weekly.

​Marketing Tips For Fruit Juice Business in Africa.

Here are the seven marketing tips for fruit juice business in Africa:

1. Offer Discounts

Discount a popular item as a draw-card that will boost sales of other items. Discount on a quiet day to generate traffic. Discount for larger groups of people.

Your pricing strategy is crucial to your success – and profitability. Ideally, it should help you exceed your product sales targets, leave you with a good reputation and be representing the value you provide against competitors.

Be wary of discounting too much or you might fall into the trap of being perceived as low quality or of hemorrhaging money.

Also, don’t forget that people won’t know you’ve got an awesome deal to offer if you don’t tell them! Advertising your specials or discounts on social media is a great way of spreading the word, if these platforms suit your customer base.

2. Online Visibility

The most important marketing tips for fruit juice business in Africa is to focus your attention on online visibility and social media marketing.

fruit juice business needs an online presence, so you can be found in Google results as well as on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

It can be hard to survive if people can’t find you on Google Maps or work out what drink offerings you have on your menu on their phones.

As for social media, this is your forum for establishing your image, advertising your promotions and keeping your customers updated.

To keep things manageable, try investing your time in one channel like Instagram and posting quality images and captions.

3. Encourage Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are also key marketing tips for fruit juice business to gaining a positive image, you should incentivize your regulars and customers to leave positive feedback.

Holding a competition, in which a requirement is a Facebook like or share, is a great way to generate traffic and engagement for your business.

4. Have a Website

A website is the most active part of extensive business promotions. It points out to the reality of your business thought and conveys the same to the viewers.

For your fruit juice business, you can hire a web designer and put before him images of your extensive array of juices and ask him to upload them on your main website along with relevant details.

5. Offer Sponsorship

Another promotion and marketing tips for fruit juice business in Africa  is to sponsor, fundraise and get involved in interesting events in your community.

Businesses involved in their local community are best situated to succeed because they gain trust and empathy from locals traffic.

Reach out to other small business owners in the community. By expressing genuine interest and enthusiasm, you’ll help support community issues and provide a home for events, entertainment, refreshments, socialization and more. That’s what we call a sustainable marketing ideas strategy.

6. Online Discussions

Online discussions targeting the topics of health and diets should be your genres of active participation.

You can openly highlight your ideas on the various topics and tell people about your fruit juice business side by side. This is how you build market image and also make profits.

7. Do Advertisements

Advertisements in health magazines is a good idea to a successful marketing tips for fruit juice business in Africa. Health magazines have become a must buy for people nowadays.

As such, if you make the efforts of publishing your juice advertisements in them, then the readers will fast approach you. After all who wants to compromise with his or her health!

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