Most Embarrassing Moment On Campus? My Story in Nigerian Pidgin

Most Embarrassing Moment On Campus?

Most Embarrassing Moment On Campus?

Most Embarrassing Moment On Campus?…….Of course it was a throwback session when a question was socially asked on Nairaland Forum: What is your  most embarrassing moment on campus? Lost of response was received, many shared their experience and truly some of theses experience shared are the stuff that happens in the school day even till now. Here, I would share some of the experience and of course they are really funny and cracking.

Let get started: You may have same or different experience you can share with us on this platform.

Read some of the experience shared below:


Rapmoney:    My Most Embarrassing Moment On Campus…….

At one time or the other, we all had one embarrassing moment on campus that one would remember and just laugh…especially, after many years have gone by.

In my 2nd year in school, I was chilling at Nwanyi Nempi pepper soup joint after a long boring lecture from a lecturer who took sadism as a hobby. I had a cold HARP in my front (mortuary standard). I say make I take am dey hold conscience because the stress too much for department. Not long, I saw this tall pretty light-skin girl passing. I was instantly attracted to her but I didn’t follow her. I grew up with the mentality of not stopping a girl on the road; especially, when you are not coming from an opposite direction. I quickly did a research on her by asking someone at the joint as if I was working as an investigative journalist for Channels TV!!! I was able to get her name, level and department and the info that she’s an ‘aje-butter’ from a known family in Onitsha. From that minute, I started plotting my ‘graph’.

The next day, I planned I would approach her. After my first lecture, I went straight to her department (Computer Science) to accomplish my mission. Na so I spread like virus full everywhere…well polished shoes, starched and well pressed shirt, new haircut…come dey form James Bond. After hanging around for some time without seeing her, I decided it was an unsuccessful trip.

That same day, while discussing with friends at photo stands (where school photographers stayed), I saw her approaching. I pinched myself secretly and told myself that it is ‘Now or Never’. Based on say I be Warri boy, I nor fit carry last. Right there, as crowded as the place was, I approached her and that was the killing mistake I made. This was what happened:

Me: Hi, Onyinyechi, how are you doing?

Babe: How did you know my name?

Me: They say when you’re interested in someone, you would also be interested in things that pertain to them.

Babe: Really? You’ve not answered my question and moreover, I don’t know you.

Me: OK, I got to know your name from a friend in your department. I’m interested in you…

Babe: (Speaking loudly and angrily to the hearing of every student present) You should have something better doing! Pls don’t ever stop me again! Now take some steps back and behave as if this conversation never took place!!!

Ogbeni, na so I pose like vulture wey rain beat…right there wey I stand, malaria, typhoid and diarrhoea hold me at once. I come stand like image wey deh carve for shrine  One side of my belle come dey do me like say I wan weewee, the other side come dey do me like say I wan poopoo. To look back na problem. Crowd of guys and babes dey observe me like cinema. Even my guys sef dey help me dey shame! I was receiving consoling pats on the back as if say my palee kpai! Dem say when house fall, goat go climb the roof. Na the courage say at least Warri boy try to try I take waka pass school gate that day. I nor gree show face for photo stands through out that semester.
It’s been 18 years now but each time I remember this event, I just laugh it off as my most embarrassing moment on campus.


benzzyno: My Most Embarrassing Moment On Campus………

Hmmm.. Any time i remember my own i still feel embarrassed.and I thanked God again that day actually happened. . I was in my second year then.. Am among the TM Lewis long-sleeved always on starch squad.. That’s the squad that spent all their money on looking the part.. Lol. Every body for class the reason me boss man.. Plenty babes the crush on me.. My wahala as at then was my bacha that i was staying.. Lol. Only my realest gee could visit.. It was strictly out of bounds for unwanted visitors..

I used to suffer migraine back then. On these special day that the devil decided to fall my hand i had an attack (migraine) while class was going on without any aura/warning sign.. I stormed out of class in severe pain.. Got home took my drugs lay down enduring the pain.. 2hours later i was still in serious pain i heard a single knock on my wooden door! First person i saw was one of my realest gees little did i know he came with the whole class behind him(every one obviously took the opportunity to know where i stay) .

OMOH!! I scanned my batcha with the smallest part of my head that was not feeling the migraine.. I saw my self lying on my small camp bed, i saw my small stove in one corner of my room, i saw my 2 small small pots very close to my stove, LOL..first thing i could mutter was ‘kaycee u for kuku kii me’ hahahahahahaha (till 2moro kaycee still d take am laf me) omoh in a quick flash all my life scrolled pass my face i looked up i saw more than 20 different faces looking down at me lying down on my very small mattress that was barely containing me. worst of all was the face of the one girl i really liked.. Menn it was game up for me how do i ever get my street cred back? It took me one whole week before i could resume proper classes, it also took me more than a session to regain alilbit of my street cred.. Hahahahahahaha.. As embarrassed as i felt lying down like some helpless puppy on my camp size bed protecting my little slice of nothing.. i learnt a valuable life lesson… Moving forward am still starching my clothes oo but i have moved out of my batcha since 9yrs ago lol.


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