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PHI 105 Ancient Philosophy | Western philosophical curiosity | How philosophy began with the Greek philosophers | PDF soft copy

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PHI 105 Ancient Philosophy

PHI 105 Ancient Philosophy…..This course “Ancient Philosophy” refers primarily to Western philosophy from its beginnings among the Greeks on the Ionian coast of Asia Minor to its last manifestation in the philosophical teachings  of Plotinus. Philosophy began with man’s sense of awe, and his curiosity to learn more about his environment and the origins of all things around him. On record, the birthplace of philosophy around sixth century B.C. was a town called Miletus, in Asia Minor, Greece. Before the birth of  philosophy  in  this  town, people used to explain the origin of things around them by saying that everything that they know was created by the gods. The desire to know led men to philosophize and they did so when they began to penetrate into the deeper nature of things and to seek by reason the most basic causes of what they  knew by experience. Thus, an individual develops a philosophical spirit the moment he learns to look at the world in a new way  by becoming self-conscious and critical  and avoiding mythological  explanations  in the attempt to explain the origins of all things.


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PHI 105 Ancient Philosophy

UI DLC Course Material

Title:       PHI 102 – Argument and critical thinking

Study level:   100 Level , first semester philosophy course



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