OAU Available Postgraduate Programmes And Tuition Fee

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In this article we would discuss about Obafemi Awolowo University available postgraduate programmes and tuition fee.  Postgraduate education at Obafemi Awolowo University is administered by the Postgraduate College in accordance with academic policies established by the University’s senate and the Postgraduate College Board, a standing committee of Senate.  For the applicants who are inspiring to put in for  the postgraduate school at Obafemi Awolowo University, here are the available courses and tuition fee. Check the table below:


Dept of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning –
₦15,000 M.A (Adult Education)
₦15,000 Ph.D. (Adult Education)
Dept of African Institute For Science Policy And Innovation (AISPI) – 2019/2020 Harmattan
₦20,000 M.Tech. (Technology Management)
₦15,000 M.Sc. (Technology Management)
₦15,000 Ph.D (Technology Management)
Dept of African Languages & Literature –
₦15,000 M.A.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Agric. Ext. & Rural Sociology –
₦15,000 M.Sc.
₦15,000 M.Sc. (Agricultural Communication)
₦15,000 M.Phil.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Agricultural Economics –
₦15,000 M.Sc.
₦15,000 M.Phil.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Agricultural Engineering –
₦15,000 M.Sc.
₦15,000 M.Phil.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Anatomy –
₦15,000 M.Sc.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Animal Science –
₦15,000 M.Sc
₦15,000 M.Phil.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Architecture –
₦15,000 PGDAC
₦15,000 PGDADP
₦20,000 M.Sc.
₦15,000 M.Phil.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Arts and Social Science Education –
₦20,000 M.Ed. Curriculum Studies (Arts Option)
₦15,000 M.A .Ed. (Religious Studies)
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (English)
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (Fine and Applied Arts)
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (French)
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (History)
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (Music)
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (Social Studies)
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (Yoruba)
₦15,000 M.A.Ed. (Curriculum Studies)
₦15,000 M.A.Ed. (Language Arts)
₦15,000 M.Sc. Ed. (Economics)
₦15,000 M.Sc. Ed. (Geography)
₦15,000 M.Sc. Ed. (Political Science)
₦15,000 M. Phil. Ed. (Curriculum studies)
₦15,000 M. Phil. Ed. (Social Science Education)
₦15,000 M. Phil. Ed. (Social Studies)
₦15,000 M.Phil (Language Education)
₦15,000 Ph.D. (Language Education)
₦15,000 Ph.D. (Social Science Education)
₦15,000 Ph.D. (Social Studies)
₦15,000 Ph.D. Ed. Curriculum Studies (Arts Option)
Dept of Biochemistry –
₦15,000 M.Sc.
₦15,000 M. Phil.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Botany –
₦15,000 M.Sc.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Building –
₦15,000 M.Sc. in Building Maintenance
₦15,000 M.Sc. in Building Services
₦15,000 M.Sc. in Building Structures
₦15,000 M.Sc. in Construction Management
₦15,000 M.Phil. in Building Maintenance
₦15,000 M.Phil. in Building Services
₦15,000 M.Phil. in Building Structures
₦15,000 M.Phil. in Construction Management
₦15,000 Ph.D. in Building Maintenance
₦15,000 Ph.D. in Building Services
₦15,000 Ph.D. in Building Structures
₦15,000 Ph.D. in Construction Management
Centre for Gender and Social Policy Studies –
₦15,000 PGD (Gender and Development)
₦15,000 M.Sc. (Gender and Development)
₦15,000 Ph.D. (Gender and Development)
Centre for Industrial Research & Dev. –
₦15,000 PGD (Entrepreneurship Development)
Dept of Chemical Engineering –
₦15,000 M.Sc.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Chemical Pathology –
₦15,000 M.Sc.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Chemistry –
₦15,000 M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry)
₦15,000 M.Sc. (Chemistry)
₦15,000 M.Phil (Applied Chemistry)
₦15,000 M.Phil (Chemistry)
₦15,000 Ph.D (Applied Chemistry)
₦15,000 Ph.D (Chemistry)
Dept of Civil Engineering –
₦15,000 M.Sc.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Community Health –
₦15,000 Masters of Public Health(MPH)
₦15,000 M.Phil. (Public Health)
₦15,000 PhD. (Public Health)
Dept of Computer Science
₦15,000 PGD (Computer Science)
₦15,000 M.Sc. (Computer Engineering)
₦15,000 M.Sc. (Computer Science)
₦15,000 M.Sc. (Information Systems)
₦15,000 M.Sc. (Intelligent Systems Engineering)
₦15,000 M.Sc. (Software Engineering)
₦15,000 M.Phil. (Computer Engineering)
₦15,000 M.Phil. (Computer Science)
₦15,000 M.Phil. (Information Systems)
₦15,000 M.Phil. (Intelligent Systems Engineering)
₦15,000 M.Phil. (Software Engineering)
₦15,000 Ph.D (Computer Science)
₦15,000 Ph.D. (Computer Engineering)
₦15,000 Ph.D. (Information Systems)
₦15,000 Ph.D. (Intelligent Systems Engineering)
₦15,000 Ph.D. (Software Engineering)
Dept of Crop Production and Protection –
₦15,000 M.Sc
₦15,000 M.Phil.
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Demography & Social Statistics
₦15,000 M.Sc
₦15,000 Masters in Demography and Social Statistics
₦15,000 M.Phil (Demography and Social Statistics)
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Dramatic Arts –
₦15,000 PGD (Dramatic Art)
₦15,000 M.A.
₦15,000 M.Phil
₦15,000 P.hD.
Dept of Drug Research & Production Unit –
₦15,000 PGD (Phytomedicines)
₦15,000 M.Sc. (Phytomedicines)
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Economics –
₦15,000 PGD (Economics)
₦15,000 M.Sc.
₦15,000 M.Phil (Economics)
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Educational Foundations and Counselling –
₦20,000 M.Ed.
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (Guidance and Counselling)
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (History of Education)
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (Philosophy of Education)
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (Psychology of Education)
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (Sociology of Education)
₦15,000 M.A. Ed. (Test and Measurement )
₦15,000 M.Phil. (Guidance and Counselling)
₦15,000 M.Phil. (History of Education)
₦15,000 M.Phil. (Philosophy of Education)
₦15,000 M.Phil. (Psychology of Education)
₦15,000 M.Phil. (Sociology of Education)
₦15,000 M.Phil. (Test and Measurement )
₦15,000 Ph.D
Dept of Educational Management
₦20,000 M.Ed (Educational Planning)
₦20,000 M.Ed (Educational Administration)
₦20,000 M.Ed (Higher Educational Administration)
₦15,000 M.A. Education (Educational Administration)
₦15,000 M.A. Education (Higher Educational Administration)
₦15,000 M.A.Education (Educational Planning)
₦15,000 M.Phil. Economics of Education
₦15,000 M.Phil. Educational Administration
₦15,000 M.Phil. Educational Planning
₦15,000 M.Phil. Higher Educational Administration
₦15,000 M.Phil. Human Resource Management in Education
₦15,000 Management Information System in Education
₦15,000 Ph.D. Economics of Education
₦15,000 Ph.D. Education (Educational Administration)
₦15,000 Ph.D. Education (Educational Planning)
₦15,000 Ph.D. Education (Higher Educational Administration)
₦15,000 Ph.D. Human Resources Management in Education



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