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Tip: Relationship among Morality, Law and Convention

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Relationship among Morality, Law and Convention…… As a social system for regulating human conduct, morality is closely related to law (the legal system) on one hand and convention on the other. They are all concerned with the regulation of human behaviour in order to facilitate cordial and mutually beneficial social relationships, social stability, peace and social development. The three are concerned with the determination of what ought to be done, who should get what, and how people ought to behave in society.

Convention, however, differs from law and morality as it is basically about matters of appearance and taste and also what is socially convenient. It is simply about the ways a people traditionally behave which is reinforced by the assumption that they should, for this reason, continue to behave in such ways. Examples of conventions include traditional modes of dressing and how such ceremonies as wedding and naming are conducted. Convention does not deal with matters that are ordinarily socially crucial or that affect  human wellbeing the way morality and law do. This  is in the sense that while matters of convention may not have any serious direct implication on the prospects of human wellbeing, issues of morality and law do. Relationship among Morality, Law and Convention

An important similarity between convention and morality, which distinguishes these from law is that while the former are not created or changeable by a  deliberate legislative, executive or judicial act, the latter can be so created or changed. Another important similarity between morality and convention, which separates them from law is that the former do not have any sanction beyond praise and blame and other verbal expressions of approval or disapproval, favour or disfavour. Legal sanctions, however, extend beyond mere expressions of approval or disapproval or the apportioning of praise or blame to include different forms of physical force or the threat of its use.

Relationship among Morality, Law and Convention


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