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SEO Contents | 3 Untold Guides for Google Friendly Contents

SEO Contents, 3 Untold Guide for SEO Friendly Contents. Having a good SEO site all depend on good content, of course content is king, Maybe you have been blogging for some time now without having good knowledge about SEO contents, don’t worry after reading this article on “SEO contents the 3 untold guides for SEO Friendly Contents.

The content you use is very important because the truth not only plays a big role in ranking your search engine results but also determines the number of people who share your traffic and content.

SEO Contents | 3 Untold Guides for Google Friendly Contents

SEO Contents The 3 Untold Guides for Google Friendly Contents

Great Titles

This is the first thing people see when they search. Your content. The rule of thumb is to make the title attract the reader’s attention. Studies show that titles with numbers are more attractive than titles without numbers. Therefore, you must put a number in the title. For example, you could write: Three How To Write Good Content For SEO tricks Every Internet Marketer Should Know. To display the full title in search results, keep it below 72 characters.

Keyword Inclusion

Keywords are still very important in SEO. Unlike before, you should not fill keywords in your Good Content For SEO the best practice is to include the keyword more than once every 100 words. Make sure your keywords are naturally read with thumb rule. To write a keyword, you must target one word. The best way to do this is to target long tail keywords. In addition to these keywords being less competitive, you can get more targeted traffic and increase conversions.

Using Meta Description

The truth is that search engine spiders do not crawl through meta descriptions. So there is no SEO value in the meta description. But you should not ignore it. Meta descriptions play a big role in informing readers about what is in the article. Research shows that regardless of the ranking of your search results, you can determine how many people click on your articles through descriptions.

Even if an article is at the bottom of the results, clicking on the article will attract people. The meta description is well written. A well-written description should help readers know what’s in the article. To make the full description visible, it should not exceed 160 characters.


If you carefully abide by this 3 untold guides for Google-friendly contents, you will have good SEO content. When writing content for SEO, while writing for SEO purposes, make sure the article is familiar to the reader. This means that they should be easy to read and well formatted.

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