Solutions Journalism Network Fellowship 2022.

 Solutions Journalism Network is seeking proposals from journalists who are leading or want to lead a project that will produce solutions journalism stories — and take others with them to spread the approach.

Solutions Journalism Network Fellowship

The LEDE Solutions Journalism Network Fellowship is a year-long opportunity for journalists to conceptualize and execute such projects alongside other entrepreneurs committed to extending the reach of solutions journalism and becoming the face of its future.

Solutions Journalism Network Fellowship Requirements

  • Ability to execute a project that accelerates the spread of solutions journalism in a community;
  • Commitment to the spirit of “all-teach, all-learn,” capacity to seek out expertise (and offer your own) among peers and constituents;
  • Entrepreneurship, with an inclination to collaborate and “take others with you”;
  • Diversity of identity, geography, experience and role;
  • Deep understanding of journalism and its current challenges;
  • Passion, enthusiasm and curiosity.

Structure of the Fellowship

Over the course of the fellowship year, January-December 2022, fellows will engage in:

  • Monthly calls with sub-cohorts of four or five other LEDE Fellows with similarly focused or themed projects;
  • Bimonthly calls with the entire cohort of 20 to 25 LEDE Fellows, as well as select guest speakers who will support the fellows’ professional development;
  • Calls twice a year with SJN’s LEDE Fellowship manager, Julia Hotz, to assess progress on project goals;
  • Knowledge-sharing sessions with SJN’s greater network of journalism professionals.

Funding Allocation

All fellows are eligible to receive up to $3,500 in unrestricted funding to support their projects. During the application process, we encourage fellows to demonstrate how that money will be used. The amount awarded will be proportional to the scope of the project.

Each fellow receives half the stipend at the start of the fellowship. At the six-month mark, following an assessment of the project’s progress by the fellow and the project manager, fellows who are on track toward fulfilling their goals will receive the remainder of their stipend.


  • Achieve their project’s specific goals to seed solutions stories, document teachable insights for the greater SJN community, train and engage with fellow solutions-focused journalists, and create community around solutions journalism;
  • Contribute insights, share project updates and embrace an “all-teach, all-learn” spirit, seeking out peer expertise — and sharing yours — within the LEDE cohort and with other solutions journalism practitioners in SJN’s network;
  • Serve as an ambassador for solutions journalism, locally and globally;
  • Abide by SJN’s ethical standards.

Solutions Journalism Network Fellowship Benefits

  • Deep connections with a tight-knit community of solutions journalism entrepreneurs from around the world, who will serve as lasting sources of accountability, problem-solving and encouragement during and beyond the yearlong fellowship;
  • Access to exclusive professional development sessions on storytelling, engagement, fundraising, equity and more;
  • An honorarium of up to $3,500, proportional to the scope of the fellow’s project;
  • Ongoing support and promotion from the staff of SJN and its network of more than 5,000 journalists and newsrooms around the world.
Visit the Official Webpage to Apply

Application Timeline:

  • APPLICATION ROUND 1 (Sept. 20-Oct. 17): Brief project proposal and “What Is Solutions Journalism?” quiz. (Application should take no longer than two hours to complete.) Apply here by Monday, Oct. 17, 5 p.m. EDT.
  • APPLICATION ROUND 2 (Oct. 22–29): In-depth project pitch and 60-second “Why LEDE Fellowship?” video.
  • APPLICATION ROUND 3 (Nov. 9–16): Final-round candidates will be invited for a 25-minute interview with LEDE Fellowship manager Julia Hotz and another member of the SJN team.
  • SELECTION (Nov. 22): The 2022 LEDE Fellows will be announced.

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