The Most In Demand Teachers in the UK

UK has since been in strong need for able teachers from different parts of the world. Due to this, the most in demand teachers in the UK are suggestively those with a considerable amount of competence in their chosen fields of academic knowledge, or those with the most knowledge of the cultural standards obtainable in the UK academic circle.

The sudden lack of teachers are more of sociocultural question than it is of economic question. It is no doubt that UK and other great countries in the world pay teachers handsomely, especially with considerations to foreign exchange. A country with so much energy to be invested in the education of its young and old citizens, the demand for teachers is always on the high.

But particularly, there are some characteristics that are looked out for in the teaching profession. These are congenial to the need for the revitalization of the society’s human resources and yes their economic estates. Hence, UK does not just focus on employing teachers simply because the individual is a certified teacher.

The question is, who are the most in demand teachers in the UK currently? Can they be known and found for employment? The answer is actually yes! Check answers to these big questions below:

  • Teachers with Ability to Work in Challenging Environments

Unless they specialize in a specific subject, teachers don’t have much choice when it comes to schools. But teachers who are willing to work in “challenging” schools, such as schools in low-income or rural areas, will always be in high demand. Even if they don’t specialize in a specific subject, a willingness to work in a variety of environments can offer a serious leg up.

  • Teachers with Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the most important skills that any teacher needs, especially in light of recent events. Teachers should be capable of moving from one way of teaching to another, including in-person and remote learning. Of course, adaptability isn’t just about changing circumstances. Teachers who show dedication, like staying at school a little longer to finish their work or help out a struggling student, can set themselves apart.

  • Experienced Teachers

Some things come to a teacher with age and experience, and even a year or two of experience can have you teaching in a personal classroom.

While in-demand, a teacher may be making their debut into teaching, so they do not have much experience. However, having little experience in teaching should not put them off from applying. Sometimes schools want a subject matter expert and are willing to overlook their lack of experience.

  • Organized Teachers

Teachers have to juggle classes, marking, lesson planning, and even personal responsibilities during their day-to-day jobs. Those with strong organizational skills will be able to better manage all of their responsibilities and duties.

  • Teachers with Conflict Resolution

We all know students love to push new teachers’ limits. Students often test a teacher’s authority by undermining what they have to say or disrupting lessons. So teachers who excel at resolving conflicts before they get out of hand will be better equipped to jump into the classroom.

  • Teachers with Expertise in Specialized Subject

Schools want to see teachers who specialize in specific subjects. So teachers who are good with different topics, especially Math and physics, will always be in demand.

Plus, schools with a staff shortage are more likely to try out teachers on specialized subjects, even if they don’t have formal experience in those areas. Teachers who put in the time to brush up on specific subjects will likely have a better chance of landing jobs.

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  • Teachers with Leadership Charisma

Teachers with good leadership qualities will be better equipped to fully engage students and offer them positive reinforcement. This is an especially important skill for teachers in secondary schools, where students are beginning to decide on the next steps for their lives and need extra guidance and support.

  • Teachers with Confidence

Confidence is an essential skill for any job candidate, but it’s vital for teachers. Standing at the center of a classroom and holding everyone’s attention is tough, and teachers need to be able to handle the pressure. Regardless of whether their students are children or adults, they should comfortably stand before a class and deliver a lesson.

  • Teachers with Creativity

Creative problem solving is also infectious, so the more creative a teacher is, the more creative their students will be. Creativity is one of those win-win skills for students and teachers, and can also help boost many of the other skills we’ve mentioned in this list!

  • Teachers with Communication Skills

Communication is key when teachers need to confer with other teachers or school administrators. They need to be comfortable conveying issues in the classroom and giving updates on student progress. Plus, teaching is all about problem-solving. So candidates eager to work with fellow teachers to refine their approach will do better in the long run.

5 Stages in UK Education

  • Early years education (3 – 5)
  • Primary education (5 – 11)
  • Secondary education (11 – 16)
  • Further education (16 – 18)
  • Third-level education (18+)

3 Things Needed to be Done to Teach in UK

  • Possess a teaching certification – teaching experience, while an asset, is not required.
  • Submit an application to teach in your chosen subject area.
  • Once your application is successful, you’ll need to apply for Qualified Teacher Status as well as a visa to teach in the UK.

2 Benefits of Teaching in the UK

  • Exposed Real Classroom Experience

Whether you’re looking to gain real-world teaching experience to take back to your home country or to kickstart a long-term career in international education, teaching in the UK offers plenty of opportunities for rapid career development.

  • International Teaching Career

For teachers looking to find employment at international schools and programs in the Middle East and Asia, UK teaching and curriculum experience is highly valued by hiring schools abroad.

Teaching in the UK also offers a unique chance for you to foster effective classroom and behavior management skills – skills that tend to be highly sought after by hiring schools back home and abroad.

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