How to Create Ticketmaster Accounts for Different Countries

Been wondering how to create Ticketmaster accounts for different countries so you, as an agent, may have the equivalent revenue to prove the success that comes with being a Ticketmaster agent for Ticketmaster Entertainment LLC. The Ticketmaster Entertainment is an American ticket sales and distribution company based in Beverly Hills, California with operations in many countries around the world.

Things to Know About Ticketmaster

In 2010, it merged with Live Nation under the name Live Nation Entertainment.

The company was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1976 by college staffers Peter Gadwa and Albert Leffler, Gordon Gunn III, as well as businessman Jerry Nelson. The company originally licensed computer programs and sold hardware for ticketing systems. Its first ticketed concert was Electric Light Orchestra, held at the University of New Mexico which was sold physically.

  • Development

But today, the company’s ticket sales are fulfilled digitally or at its two main fulfillment centers located in Charleston, West Virginia, and Pharr, Texas for both primary and secondary markets. In 2015, Ticketmaster acquired Front Gate Tickets, a music festival ticketing service that provided services for festivals including Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits.

The same year, the company acquired Universe, a DIY ticketing platform. In 2017, TicketWeb, Ticketmaster’s self-service ticketing platform, acquired Strobe Labs, a marketing platform that allows users to market to fans through social media. In 2018, Ticketmaster acquired UPGRADED, a company which converts physical tickets into digital ones, utilizing blockchain.

  • Ticketmaster’s Clients

Ticketmaster’s clients include venues, artists and promoters. Clients control their events and set ticket prices, and Ticketmaster sells tickets that the clients make available to them. Ticketmaster also owns and operates TicketWeb, a ticketing website geared towards independent venues.

Creating Ticketmaster Accounts

A Ticketmaster account with access is typically needed by individuals who wish to purchase tickets for various events, such as concerts, sporting events, theater productions, and other live performances. With a Ticketmaster account, users can browse and search for upcoming events, select and purchase tickets, and manage their orders.

In addition, some events may require individuals to have a Ticketmaster account with access in order to participate in presales or gain access to exclusive ticket offers. This may include fan club presales, credit card presales, or other promotions that are only available to Ticketmaster account holders.

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With considerable expansion overriding the whole atmosphere for Ticketmaster, it becomes possible to create accounts for different countries who will have the need to sell tickets internationally through the Ticketmaster professional agencies. Tips on how to create Ticketmaster accounts for different countries are not easily placed. This may be owing to the fact that they are source of revenue for individuals or organizations.

  • New Sign-In Update

However, the has provided the latest updates on the new sign-in culture. Ticketmaster has introduced a new way to sign in. This means you can now use a single password to sign into your accounts on other Ticketmaster sites.

  • If you already have more than one Ticketmaster account in different countries, we’ll link your accounts. Then next time you sign in, we’ll ask you to set a single password for those linked accounts.
  • If you have just one account, but access a new Ticketmaster site in a different country, we’ll automatically link your accounts using your existing password and your existing profile information.

You can continue to manage your marketing and other preferences for each account separately, but your profile information will be linked to a global identity. Your billing information for each order is also managed separately, but this information won’t be linked to your global identity.

You can use the new sign-in on Ticketmaster sites in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. This feature is coming soon to many other countries, so check back here for updates.

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