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Understanding Graphic design as a creative communication

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Understanding Graphic design as a creative communication

Understanding Graphic design as a creative communication …..Design is a creative representation of thought which a communication artist intends to use to pass a message across to a person or group of persons by adopting elements of design such as forms, shapes, lines, texture and colour.

Design can further be described as the arrangement of ideas and thoughts, painstakingly put together to achieve a specific theme or subject. If you will achieve a design for effective communication, the elements of design must be borne in mind and incorporated into your visual.

Graphic Design is a method of communicating messages to a specific audience through an effective combination of textual and visual images. Graphic design involves the use of machine for mass reproduction of messages. Graphic design also involves the use of hand for manual expression of visuals and texts. As a Graphic communication designer, you will usually have to work with photographers, printers, illustrators, visualisers, paste-up artists, costumiers and other design professionals. Understanding Graphic design as a creative communication

There are basic materials required for graphics designs. Basic materials for graphic designs (manual reproduction)

  1. Pencils of different grades such as 2B, 4B, Hb, H.etc
  2. Ruler (Metal or wooden).
  3. Eraser
  4. Poster Colours
  5. Postal e.g chalk postal
  6. Charcoals
  7. Brushes of various sizes and grade s (Hog and sable brushes)
  8. Drawing books and sketchpads
  9. French Curves
  10. Technical drawing instruments
  11. Drawing Board and Tables

Differences between two-dimensional designs and three-dimensional designs.

Two-dimensional designs is a creative representation of imagination, thoughts, or idea of an artist made on a flat surface having length and breadth alone. Examples of two-dimensional designs include: Posters, Handbill, wall paintings, van displays, billboards, signboards, stickers, prints made on fabrics, book cover designs, architectural drawing, pictures or photographs.

Three Dimensional designs is such work of Art that can be seen in the round. It is a piece of artwork that has length, breadth, height and depth. It is a particular type of art that ranges from pottery, sculpture, metal constructions, puppets to other forms of modeled or carved objects.


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