University of Sydney Scholars Awards Application For 2020/2021.

University of Sydney Scholars Awards in Australia is a scholarships offered to outstanding students who are interested in undertaking an undergraduate degree in 2020/21. 

University of Sydney Scholars Awards

The application process for the Sydney Scholars Awards is now open and all candidates are required to be full-time Bachelors’s degree students.

With that said, today we are going to cover everything there is to know about this scholarship program starting with the benefits and ending with the application criteria.

University of Sydney Scholars Awards 2020/2021


The scholarship program is offering two positions to outstanding students and it is awarding them with significant financial benefits. Check them out below:

  • $6000 per year for the duration of an undergraduate degree
  • $6000 for 1 year of an undergraduate degree.

We want to mention that the scholarship program does not cover appended Honors or any Master level courses in a double degree. Not just that, but the scholarship program is not payable for postgraduate degrees such as a Master for Doctor of Medicine, for example. Students who want to receive the second installment are required to have a minimum SAM (semester average mark) of 75. In addition, the scholarship cannot be extended or renewed.


Applicants must either be domestic students (which includes New Zealand citizens), or international students who have recently completed an International Baccalaureate (or educational award equivalent to the HSC), who are applying for admission through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

They must have achieved an ATAR of 95 or above (if they are applying to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music or the Sydney Dental School, they must receive an ATAR of 90 or above). They have to be applying in the year that they complete their secondary education.

Furthermore, applicants should have achieved excellent results in their NSW Higher School Certificate Examination or international equivalent.

The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit, and a personal statement in support of scholarship application.

he University is looking for all-round students who demonstrate leadership skills and involvement in school, community, and extracurricular activities.

How to apply For University of Sydney Scholars Awards

  1. Read the application guide (pdf, 170kb) carefully.
  2. Complete the online application form and submit all supporting documents (including a personal statement).

If you would love to study in Australia and you qualify for the scholarship program, then you should visit the official website to get more information about the online application process.

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