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A speech is meant to be “special”: What is public speaking?

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Public speaking is a planned, deliberate and a purposeful speech that  is meant for a target audience. It has its root in democratic governance which  all started in classical Greece. The process of delivering an address to a public audience and the act of people coming to see the speaker and listen to the speech making is known as public speaking.

Looking at our contemporary society, the aim of every man in life is to make a difference in the society. This makes all men to strive in order to make a difference either by turning the world around in their little way or by making an impact for the coming generation to see. This also applies to public speaking. It must make a difference. Public speaking gives at least three possible ways of making a difference. These are by persuading people to do the right thing, by informing people and by entertaining them. These are the three major goals of public speaking and are also reflected in our everyday conversation.

Similarities between Public Speaking and Conversation

 In various ways, public speaking requires the same skills used in ordinary everyday conversation. Majority of people who speak well in daily talk can also learn to speak well in public speaking. This is because it requires a wide range of skills when talking to people and these skills are as follows:

Organization: There is no listener that will want to listen to an unorganized talk. Any form of conversation or speech must be well organized.  There must be a flow of thought from one conversation to another. There is need  for a systematic or chronological arrangement of information. Any man that talks in an unorganized way will be called a lunatic. For instance, if a man is talking to his wife on what to do, he must give an organized instruction.

Feedback: Anytime conversation or public speaking takes place, there is need to be conscious of audience reactions which could be verbal, facial or physical.

Both public speaking and everyday conversation must have impact on the  life of the listeners. No person will ever want to sit down and listen to unfruitful conversation or speech. They both have a specific message to pass across to the listeners.

Time: Both public speaking and conversation have specific time for the message.

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