What position is University of Ibadan and tuition fees?

In February 2018, the world universities ranking website, Webometrics rated the University of Ibadan as the best institution in Nigeria. According to the site, the ranking is based on the web presence and impact of the institutions it ranks. The University of Ibadan always comes first when ranked amongst universities in Nigeria and often the only Nigerian university to make it into world ranking of universities.

This is because the university commands most of Nigerians intellectuals and professionals who continuously embark on research to improve the course content of the school. The university ranked among the 25 top universities in Africa and 801th among world universities.


 About University of Ibadan Tuition Fees

Agriculture and Forestry faculty

  • Learning about the development of agriculture and rural lands and the economy of rural regions; about taking care of domestic animals; about the protection of vegetation and environment = N36,800
  • Forests, fishery, aquaculture, and fishing; management of wild nature and ecotourism = N36,800

Art faculty

  • Arabic and Islamic researching, classical and language arts, English, history, philosophy, theology, theatrical studies, and music = N34,300
  • Archaeology and anthropology (related to arts). = N36, 800 Linguistics of African languages. = N34,300

Law faculty = N35, 300

The Medicine College

  • Biochemistry, Physiology, Nursing, Surgery and laboratory research, Physical therapy, Dentistry and dental surgery, Nutrition, Veterinary care. = N36,800

Social Science faculty

  • Economics, sociology, psychology, and politology, Social geography. = N34,300

Sciences faculty

  • Archaeology and anthropology, Botany, Microbiology, Chemistry, Computer sciences, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Zoology. = N36,800

Technology faculty

  • Agricultural and ecological engineering, electrical and electronic appliances, food technologies, civil building, industrial and manufactural engineering, oil engineering, machine building, wood procession = N36,800

Education faculty

  • Management of education, consulting and guidance, health education and human kinetics, special education, pedagogic education (arts and social sciences based). = N34,300
  • Teaching education (based on sciences). = N36,800
  • Adult education, Library, archive researching, informational search. = N34,300

The fees are meant for the 100Level students alone.

All fees included a levy, the accommodation charges, and some other additional payments together. In the College of Medicine, the Clinical Levy upward review varies from N5, 000 to N12, 000.

The fees for the acquisition of inclusion of vocational skills makes N10,000 for all adult students from 200, 300, and 400 level in accordance with the mandate of the National Universities Commission. All the freshers in the University of Ibadan receive counseling support, which makes N1, 000 for all the newcomers.

The University of Ibadan Scholarships Scheme 

The University of Ibadan operates a scheme that assists students with scholarships and financial aid to pursue their academic. It is run as a section of the Student Affairs Division, where students may receive advice and assistance about scholarships, loans, and other financial matters. The office is located in the Student Affairs Division. Registered students of the University may apply for one or more kinds of aid as listed below:

  • Federal Government Awards
  • State Government Awards
  • University of Ibadan Awards
  • Corporate Bodies Awards
  • Foreign Government Awards
  • Private Individual Award

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