Four Typical Types of Essays You Must Know

Four typical types of essays you must know – An excellent place to begin considering essays is to be aware of the different types of essays the majority of your assignments at high school, college, or university can be categorized into. These are the four major types of essays that will be common in the academic world, and the majority of essays you’ll ever need to write are likely to fall into these categories:

  1. Expository Essays
  2. Argumentative Essays
  3. Descriptive Essays
  4. Narrative Essays.

If you’re reading this and are interested in looking for information on different kinds of essays since you have for an essay to be written, check it out here. Every essay template on the site was designed by experts to help you in writing your essay. These are the highlighted four typical types of essays you must know;

The Expository Essay

These are the most popular kinds of essays that you’ll encounter and are the most common type of essay that is required by examinations. If you’re writing an expository essay, you’ll find yourself researching an idea or subject and developing an idea. In addition, you’ll be looking at the evidence and then constructing the “exposition” (hence the name) regarding the concept.

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  • Academic Essay
  • Persuasive Speech
  • Five Paragraph Essay

The Argumentative Essay

These are essays that are similar to expository writing, but they tend to be more detailed and rely on well-researched, quantitative, and qualitative information (found through secondary or primary sources, you can find free essay at to support the arguments you wish to convey. Most of the time, the type of essay you write will be required to tackle the main issues that could challenge your views regarding an issue or topic.

They are among the most common e-mails you’ll be asked to write. They can be long; they could be short. However, they all aim to convince the reader of the credibility of your argument regarding the subject you are writing about.

Usually, an argumentative essay is usually for an advanced level, such as the university or high school. It is a requirement to research the topic and make notes, and more likely, you will use your notes from lectures. Therefore, make sure you make notes that are great!

The basic structure is the same for an expository essay, with some exceptions, such as counterpoints, which are usually used to demonstrate the opposing aspect of the argument. If you ask: can I write my admission essay on The answer is yes.

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  • Academic Essay
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Persuasive Speech
  • Five-paragraph Essay 
  • Book Review

The Descriptive Essay

The title suggests that this essay is about language, including similes, adjectives, and metaphors. These types of essays aim to describe in the most vividly possible what you’re requested to write about. One example of this is you write an article on your most memorable holiday experience. This is a great moment to have the opportunity to write a descriptive essay.

However, the structure is the same as with any other essay since you’re still responsible for leading readers through, through, and to your realm of descriptions without going on too long. In other words, just like expository essays, your essay will need an introduction and body, and conclusion.

What is it that makes it unique? It is more like an essay in which you have to describe things in detail. The term “description” can be used in conjunction with other kinds of essays; however, generally, they require some more of an argument. A descriptive essay is merely describing an event in detail. The object being described is the main focus instead of arguing about the subject matter.

The Narrative Essay

As the title implies, an essay that is narrative is an individual piece of writing that has your viewpoint clearly communicated to your readers. These essays could be described as stories or even “creative non-fiction.” The use of the first-person pronoun “I” is not unusual in these writings.

Also, narrative essays require a well-defined structure, including an introduction, body, and conclusion that is populated with clear words. We offer help with homework on 

Narrative essays are usually the closest to journalism pieces. If you are able to master the narrative essay, you’re likely on the way to becoming an effective journalist.

Now you’ve got all the details you’ve always desired (or did not realize you needed) about writing essays! If you’re looking to compose your essay with confidence, Make sure you score excellent grades and understand the structure of various kinds of essays in order to help you with your academic work and make it more enjoyable.

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