Best Platform to Download Free PDF Books

With the emergence of technology and the essence of e-learning, copious online sites have evolved with the time and most of them can be addressed as the best platform to download free PDF books. PDF is a portable document format which is a file format developed by Adobe in 1992 to present documents in a text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems.

This document format is viable for the computer, phone, iPad, etc. As far as reading is concerned, it is providing the convenience for learning mobility and portability. Following the many evidences of technological innovations and the current advancement of digital world, education is no longer restricted to the classroom or the building structure.

Today, the world is indeed living at ease when it comes to the comfort that has been created by the said best platform to download free PDF books.

Best Platform to Download Free PDF Books

Due to the flux of different sites where books or documents can easily be downloaded to your phones, computers, and so many of those gadgets where learning can be carried out without stress, we have been able to figure out some of the best platform to download free PDF books for the true fans of books and reading. The aim of this is to encourage the reading culture. Check them out below:

PDF Books World


PDF Books Universal Library is a high-quality library of free PDF books. It is dedicated to transforming the most popular works of legendary writers into modern reading rooms. PDF Books World has a simple interface and clear content. PDF Books publishes PDF books on many topics for readers of all ages, and it is classified into fiction, non-fiction, fiction, academic and juvenile categories.

It has high-quality PDF books with clear font size, ToC, illustrations and internal reference links, and also provides free storage of books on the website and lifetime membership.

Libre Texts


Libre Texts is a non-profit online educational reform oriented website. It is directed at college students, with an easy-to-use interface to facilitate construction and customization of Open Education Resources (OER).

The website currently has 398 free textbooks available for open access, which are serving a whopping 223 million students. Libre Texts grow with the collective efforts by its volunteers and active collaborators. It also uses interactive visualizations for a better learning experience.

This PDF platform has open access to content, large library space to develop and share new free textbooks.

Project Gutenberg


The Gutenberg Project, best platform to download free PDF books, is a voluntary website that provides books free of charge. It neither charges any registration fee nor requires you to register. It contains nearly 60,000 free eBooks. It will be easy to find a suitable book for our readers. We can search for specific titles, view recently added books, or browse the top 100 eBooks. From history to social science, all kinds of subjects have free books.

Gutenberg provides cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, and it also provides books of the same type are classified into a collection for browsing.

Open Textbook Library


As one of the best platform to download free PDF books, Open Textbook Library aims to transform higher education and student learning by providing open textbooks by licensed authors and publishers. These can be adapted and used freely. These PDF books can be downloaded, edited and distributed at no cost.

The textbooks on this website are primarily aimed at college students. It has college textbooks PDF sorted by 12 different subjects like Business, Computer Science, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, etc.

It has free textbooks by subjects, focused on college learning, editing and distribution of free college textbooks available for free too.


( is one of the best platform to download free PDF books and an online free textbook PDF provider platform. It has books of all disciplines, including a wide range of literature. The books on the website are categorized in a drop-down menu at the top of the website homepage.

The website organizes regular video chats with experts in the field of literature and academia and runs an active blog. We can download any book for free PDF.

This very reliable site on PDF provides books on a range of categories available, and it is an easy to use platform for its active blog posts and informational videos on the world of literature.

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