List of Georgia State University Courses.

The list of Georgia State University courses is unambiguously pasted on the school’s prospectus as well as on GSU’s academic site. If at all you have been nurturing the thought of securing your future first through getting admission and beating their academic record, Georgia State University gives the golden chance. As it is often reported on the news that Nigerian students from different Nigerian universities are consistently flying in beautiful colors in schools abroad, you also may want to feel the same greatness or witness the same thing happen to you by hopping into the bandwagon of those who’ve had the opportunity.

Georgia State University is one of the surest places; it is a public research university in Atlanta, Georgia, which was founded in 1913. The prestigious school is certainly one of the University System of Georgia’s four research universities. It is also the largest institution of higher education by enrollment based in Georgia. Its long history since 1913 speaks volume about the school.

When it comes to the student population, Georgia State University is one of the top 10 in the nation. Its number of students is considered to be proud of a diverse majority-minority student population of around 54,000 students, including approximately 33,000 undergraduates and graduate students at the main campus downtown.

Being the most comprehensive public institution in Georgia offering more than 250 degree programs in over 100 fields of study spread across 10 academic colleges and schools, GSU’s over $200 million in research expenditures for the 2018 fiscal year ranked first in the nation among universities without an engineering, medical, or agricultural school for the third year in a row.

List of Georgia State University Courses.

For its first four decades, the school was treated as an offsite department of its parent institution, Georgia Tech, but after several significant changes and advancement on its innovations, purposes, objectives, and visions, Georgia State University has since developed into what could be identified as a world-class institution with state-of-the-art facilities. As the school advances, it accrues more on the list of Georgia State University Courses:

1. Courses Available in Georgia State University:

•  Criminal Justice, B.S.

•  Economics, B.A.

•  Economics, B.S.

•  International Economics and Modern Languages, B.A.

•  Public Policy, B.S.

•  Social Entrepreneurship, B.I.S.

•  Social Work, B.S.W.

•  B.S./B.A. Economics or BA in International Economics and Modern Languages/ M.A. in Economics Dual Degree Program

•  B.S./B.A. Economics/ M.A.T. Social Science Education

•  Criminal Justice Minor

•  Digital Criminology Minor

•  Economics Minor

•  Nonprofit Leadership Minor

•  Planning & Economic Development Minor

•  Public Policy Minor

•  Urban Studies Minor

•  Africana Studies, B.A.

•  Anthropology, B.A.

•  Applied Linguistics, B.A.

•  Asian Studies, B.I.S.

•  Biology, B.S.

•  Chemistry, B.S.

•  Computer Science, B.S.

•  Data Science, B.S.

•  English, B.A.

•  Environmental Science, B.I.S.

•  French, B.A.

•  Game Design, B.A.

•  Game Development, B.S.

•  Geosciences, B.A.

•  Geosciences, B.S.

•  German, B.A.

•  Gerontology, B.I.S.

•  Global Studies, B.I.S.

•  History, B.A.

•  Journalism, B.A.

•  Law and Society, B.I.S.

•  Mathematics, B.S.

•  Media Entrepreneurship, B.I.S.

•  Middle East Studies, B.I.S.

•  Neuroscience, B.S.

•  Philosophy, B.A.

•  Philosophy, B.A., Pre-Law Concentration

•  Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), B.I.S.

•  Physics, B.S.

•  Political Science, B.A.

•  Psychology, B.A.

•  Psychology, B.S.

•  Religious Studies, B.A.

•  Sociology, B.A.

•  Spanish, B.A.

•  Speech Communication, B.A.

•  Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, B.A.

•  Cyber Security Certificate

•  Data Science Certificate

•  European Union Studies Certificate

•  Geographic Information Science Certificate

•  Gerontology Certificate

•  Language Ability in Arabic Certificate

•  Language Ability in Chinese Certificate

•  Language Ability in French Certificate

•  Language Ability in German Certificate

•  Language Ability in Japanese Certificate

•  Language Ability in Korean Certificate

•  Language Ability in Spanish Certificate

•  Social Justice Certificate

•  Sustainability Certificate

•  Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate

•  Water Science Certificate

•  Workplace Intercultural Competence

•  B.A. in History and Master of Historic Preservation

•  B.A. in Sociology/M.A. in Gerontology

•  B.A. or B.S./M.S. in Geosciences

•  B.A./M.A. Degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

•  B.A./M.A. in Applied Linguistics

•  B.A./M.A. in English

•  B.A./M.A. in French

•  B.A./M.A. in History

•  B.A./M.A. in Religious Studies

•  B.A./M.A. in Sociology

•  B.A./M.A. Program in Political Science

•  B.A./M.A. Program in Spanish

•  B.S. in Biology/M.S. in Health Sciences

•  B.S. in Mathematics (Actuarial Science concentration) with the Master of Actuarial Science

•  B.S. in Mathematics (Computer Information Systems concentration) with the Master of Science in Information Systems

•  B.S. in Mathematics (Mathematical Risk Management concentration) with the Master of Science in Risk Management and Insurance (Mathematical Risk Management specialization)

•  B.S. in Mathematics (Statistics concentration) / M.S. in Mathematics (Statistics concentration)

•  B.S. in Mathematics/M.S. in Mathematics

•  B.S. Physics with the M.A.T. Science Education

•  B.S./M.S. in Biology

•  B.S./M.S. in Chemistry

•  B.S./M.S. in Computer Science

•  B.S./M.S. Program in Neuroscience

•  Advanced Leadership and Management Minor

•  Africana Studies Minor

•  Anthropology Minor

•  Applied Linguistics Minor

•  Arabic Language and Literature Minor

•  Asian Studies Minor

•  Biology Minor

•  Chemistry Minor

•  Chinese Language and Culture Minor

•  Chinese Studies Minor

•  Communication Sciences Minor

•  Computer Science Minor

•  English Minor

•  Entertainment Media Management Minor

•  French Minor

•  Game Design and Development Minor

•  Geosciences Minor

•  German Minor

•  History Minor

•  Human Rights and Democracy Minor

•  Japanese Minor

•  Journalism Minor

•  Korean Language and Culture Minor

•  Latin American Studies Minor

•  Law and Ethics Minor

•  Mathematics Minor

•  Middle East Studies Minor

•  Naval Science Minor

•  Neuroscience Minor

•  Philosophy Minor

•  Physics Minor

•  Political Science Minor

•  Psychology Minor

•  Religious Studies Minor

•  Sociology Minor

•  Spanish Minor

•  Speech Minor

•  Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor

•  English as a Second Language

•  Intensive English Program

•  Birth Through Five, B.S.E.

•  Deaf Studies, Deaf Education Concentration, B.A.

•  Deaf Studies, Sign Language Interpreting Concentration, B.A.

•  Elementary Education, Elementary Education and Special Education (P-5) Dual Certification Concentration, B.S.E.

•  Elementary Education, P-5 Certification Concentration, B.S.E.

•  Exercise Science, B.S.

•  Health and Physical Education, B.S.E.

•  Human Learning and Development, B.I.S.

•  Middle Level Education, B.S.E.

•  Special Education, B.S.E.

•  Sport Administration, B.I.S.

•  World Languages Teacher Education, B.I.S.

•  Educational Psychology Minor

•  Special Education – High Incidence Disabilities Minor

•  Urban Education Minor

•  Dual Immersion Early Childhood Education Endorsement

•  Urban Education Endorsement

•  Dental Hygiene, B.S.

•  Health Informatics, B.I.S.

•  Health Sciences, B.I.S.

•  LPN-BS Bridge Program

•  Nursing, B.S.

•  Nutrition, B.S.

•  Respiratory Therapy, B.S.

•  RN-BS Bridge Program

2. The Tuition Fees of Georgia State University considering the different academic levels:

(2 SEMESTERS): $3,530

Costs Per Semester

$1,425 $340

(2 SEMESTERS): $11,870

Costs Per Semester

$5,395 $340
3. The Schools or Colleges in Georgia State University are the following:

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