10 Most Expensive Preschools in Singapore

Most Expensive Preschools in Singapore Preschool is a great way to prepare your child for the future, and if you want them to get a head start, you should know that there are many different preschools in Singapore. These schools range from small-scale operations run from someone’s home to large institutions with all kinds of facilities (and costs). You can even find those that specialize in specific niches or disciplines like Montessori education or International Baccalaureate programs.

The Children’s House International Montessori Kindergarten

  • Address: 12 Jurong West St 13, Singapore 600012
  • Age range: 2 – 5 years
  • Curriculum: Montessori education prides itself on developing the child’s self esteem and independence. The Children’s House International Montessori Kindergarten (CHIMK) is a fully accredited preschoolthat offers a comprehensive Montessori curriculum that prepares children for the next stage of their education at primary schools overseas. It also provides several additional services such as early learning programmes, remedial classes, activities and enrichment programmes to ensure that all its students are equipped with the best possible foundation before they start school.

Tuition Fees: $6,750 per year (for 1st to 3rd grade)

Other Fees (e.g registration fee; annual fee): Annual Fee – $500 Registration Fee (non-refundable) – $400 Tuition Insurance – $200 Late Payment Fee ($5/day)

Etonhouse International Preschool Newton

EtonHouse International Preschool Newton is located in the heart of Newton, with a bus stop just outside the school for parents. The classrooms are spacious, air-conditioned, and brightly lit. There are several outdoor play areas for children to explore; one area has a sandpit, while another has swings and slides.

The school offers both English and Chinese immersion curriculums. All children will be taught in English and are expected to use it as much as possible outside the classroom environment, but they may also study Mandarin as an additional language if their parents request it (there’s no extra tuition cost). In addition to core subjects like math and science, there are extracurricular activities such as art classes, music lessons or ballet classes on offer at additional cost; parents can choose whether or not these will be included in their child’s school fees based on what’s available at that time.

Parents report being impressed by EtonHouse International Preschool Newton’s professionalism and high standards—the teachers are highly trained with many years’ experience under their belts; there’s strict discipline throughout all grades so students feel safe during class hours; there’s plenty of outdoor space for students’ active learning needs without disturbing other students nearby who might be resting due to illness or injury; everyone uses iPads rather than textbooks so there aren’t any heavy bags weighing down little shoulders before lunchtime arrives! This combination makes EtonHouse Newton an excellent choice if your child thrives when surrounded by lots of stimulation while still enjoying peace & quiet moments too.”

Global Indian International School (Kindergarten)

The Global Indian International School is a private school that offers education from preschool to grade 12. The school is located in Singapore and was founded in 1998. It has a student body of over 1,400 students.

The Global Indian International School holds classes at multiple campuses across Singapore. These include the Bukit Timah Campus, which serves kindergarten through Grade 6; the River Valley Campus for Grades 7 through 12; and its newest campus for Grades 4 through 6 on Jalan Besar Road.

St. Joseph’s Institution Junior

St. Joseph’s Institution Junior, located at 9 Lorong 24A Geylang, Singapore 389941, is a private school that charges $2,100 per month for tuition. The school focuses on early childhood education and has a 98% graduation rate for its students.

It was founded in 1852 as St Joseph’s Institution by the first Bishop of Malacca, Rev Michael Moran (who also founded another Catholic boys’ school named after him). It was originally set up as an orphanage and then became a secondary school before going on to become what it is today: an international school with over 1,800 pupils from all over Asia who come here to study English or pass exams they need to take in order to get into university abroad.

The Learning Lab (Tanglin) Pte Ltd

The Learning Lab (Tanglin) Pte Ltd is one of the top-rated preschools in Singapore and offers a structured curriculum for children aged between two and six years. The school’s tuition fees are $10,000 per month, which includes meals, snacks and drinks.

The school has a good reputation but can be expensive for parents. In addition to the high tuition costs, there are also additional charges that include textbooks ($500-$1000), extracurricular activities ($500-$1000) and field trips ($200). There is also an application fee of $300 to apply for this popular preschool; however, this can be waived if you have at least one child attending the same school or if your child will be admitted into another school under their affiliation programme.”

Lorna Whiston Kindergartens Pte Ltd Holland Village Branch

Kindergarten is a private preschool in Singapore. Tuition fees are $4,000 per month. The school has a website, and is located in Holland Village.

NPS International School

The NPS International School is a private international school in Singapore that was established in 2000. It is part of the National Private Schools (NPS) group, which also includes Nanyang Primary School and Nanyang Girls’ High School. The school has three campuses:

  • Queenstown Campus (QC) – Level 2, Marine Parade Road
  • Greenwood Campus (GC) – 3 Kingswood Drive
  • The Little Scholar Centre – 4th floor JCube

Lycee Francais De Singapour Kindergarten

If tuition and fees aren’t enough of a deterrent for you, consider the total cost. Lycee Francais De Singapour Kindergarten charges a yearly tuition of $16,000, but students also need to pay an additional $8,000 in other costs like uniforms and textbooks. This brings your total price tag to $24,000 per year—more than many colleges cost!

Oasis Montessori Kindergarten

Oasis Montessori Kindergarten is a pre-school located in Tanjong Pagar. The school offers a wide range of activities and programmes to help your child develop their physical, mental and social skills. They also follow the Montessori curriculum which places an emphasis on play-based learning that helps children learn through self-discipline and self-motivation.

The school has a large outdoor playground where your child can enjoy playing with other children as well as running around freely without being confined by classroom rules or structures.

The Little Skool-House International Ltd Whitley Branch

Tuition fees: $20,000-25,000 per year

Fees include: tuition, insurance and school bag or stationery.

Total cost for a two-year course is about $40,000-50,000.

These ten preschools charge tuition and fees that are more expensive than all the others in Singapore.

The Singapore preschool market is competitive and there are many options for parents to choose from.

The most expensive preschools in Singapore are The Children’s House International Montessori Kindergarten, Etonhouse International Preschool Newton, Global Indian International School (Kindergarten), St. Joseph’s Institution Junior and The Learning Lab (Tanglin) Pte Ltd. These ten preschools charge tuition and fees that are more expensive than all the others in Singapore.


We hope this list of ten most expensive preschools in Singapore has helped you find the right school for your child. If they’re still too young to start school or if you want them to have a slightly different experience than what is offered by traditional schools, then these are some of our top recommendations!

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