How to Self Help Africa as a Foreign Citizen.

How to self help Africa as a foreign citizen reveals the socioeconomic need for philanthropic gesture from foreign individuals, or bodies across all boundaries in order to save the drowning citizens, especially children, from drowning citizens, especially children, who have been living in the dregs of African cities, etc.

Africa as you know is recorded to be the poorest continent, given its increasing population, inefficient resource management, political inadequacies, and the capitalist troubles from westerner corners of the world.

Across the continent, 152 million children – or 1 in 4 – are living in a conflict zone. Nearly 59 million children in Africa suffer from stunting due to malnutrition. Girls in West and Central Africa face the highest risk of child marriage – about 4 in 10 are married before age 18. Now, with the risk of COVID-19 ever-present, children and families in Africa without access to basic sanitation and health care are more at risk than ever. All this, as prolonged and frequent droughts across the Horn of Africa are leaving children and their families struggling to survive.

How to Self Help Africa as a Foreign Citizen.

In the midst of these challenges, there are a large size of the African population which have been helplessly subjected to poverty, diseases, corruption, high rates of mortality, war, and all sorts of vulnerabilities. It becomes urgent therefore to consider help from all corners of the world if the future of Africa must be safeguarded at all. It is time we knew some of the how to self help Africa as a foreign citizen. Below is the list:

  • Organize an Institution to help children in Africa

Quite a few number of individuals from foreign countries like America, Germany, Russia, and many other western rich nations have attempted this feat, that is, organizing institutions that will help reduce on the myriads of problems Africa still face. The major focus of these institutions is reach out to a large of number of the African people, most children who are the major victims of the mishap.

Unfortunate events such as war/crisis, poverty, degenerations of any kind, and many more have subdued the moral strengths of many African children-a result of which is the aberrations that now corner and limits Africa in all spheres of civil operations: education, politics, agriculture, etc. As one of the how to self help Africa as a foreign citizen, any generous foreign citizen interested in lending a helping hand must then begin to organize an institution that will take appropriate responsibilities.

  • Invest in Education

Education is a weapon through which any man can change the world. An educated man is indeed free from ignorance and poverty.

Many AFRICAN children are daily being sent out or are dropping out of school majorly because of their wrong orientations about education and because of poverty and the poor economic situation of their society. Any foreign individual who is truly educated about the important keys of life should be able to self help African children by helping to encourage schooling and showing interest, making investment.

  • Supply Mosquito Nets

This is another step to providing answer to the question, how to self help Africa as a foreign citizen. As many parts of Africa is malaria-infested, and millions of children across its state die from this infection from mosquitoes, it imperatively becomes a philanthropic act to help supply many mosquito nets in order to reduce the death rates of children and mothers the same. This should not be too much for any foreign citizen.

  • Deliver financial services

There are many ways by which as a foreign citizen, one can help Africans create and invest in farming activities and small income generating business opportunities. One of these ways is delivering financial services to some reliable non-governmental organizations who will assist in picking the needy from local villages and cities across African countries.

Sponsoring at least a child in Africa is another way of self helping Africa. By sponsoring a child in Africa, you ensure that they and so many others can grow up healthy, educated and safe.

  • Build  a Company and Employ

A foreign individual who is financially buoyant can try to invest in Africa by building companies and factories that will open up rooms for employment and improve the economic conditions of Africa. This way African peoples and its land will learn to develop itself in order to become creative business-wise and then grow to be financially independent themselves.

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