Beautiful Nubia’s Latest Net Worth and Biography.

Beautiful Nubia’s Latest Net Worth and Biography will unveil the controversy that has for long beclouded the certainty of numerous fans of the singer regarding how much he is worth generally. The purpose here is to clear that air once and for all.

But before then, we must take some few minutes to firstly read about Beautiful Nubia’s biographical sketch, his music, awards, and mostly, his entire rise to fame.

Beautiful Nubia’s Latest Net Worth and Biography.

2021 is indeed going to be a year of awesome blessings from start to finish, judging by how wonderfully we have started the year with a curious peep into the biography of a great man below:


Beautiful Nubia is the performing name for Segun Akinlolu.

Born in 11 November, 1968, he grew up in the hands of music and the rich African cultural heritage. Segun started writing songs at a very young age because has has drown his early influence from the traditional culture which was prevalent in the form of oral poetry, theatre, music and folklore around him.

He is a Nigerian-born songwriter, music composer and band leader who graduated from the University of Ibadan with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree in 1992.

He worked as a veterinarian for about 8 years and also received a Post-Graduate Diploma from the Nigeria Institute of Journalism.


Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band is Nigeria’s foremost contemporary folk and roots music group.

Formed and fronted by the songwriter and poet, himself, the group’s songs and albums have achieved cult status among their loyal and growing fans that are spread across the world.

The popular folk nightingale is an advocate of social reform and he has diligently achieved this via his folk music.


Beautiful Nubia’s songs are built on rich folkloric traditions and native wisdom but his message is universal in thrust and theme which are:

  • Value life
  • Respect nature
  • Learn to live in peace with others

In 1997, he established EniObanke, a music production and marketing company, under which his first album was released in 1997. All subsequent recordings have been released on this label and the company recently commenced the first-ever folk and roots music festival in Nigeria, the EniObanke Music Festival (EMUfest).


Successfully by surprise, his reward came in 2002 following the release of the ground-breaking third album Jangbalajugbu.

It is estimated, by radio journalists, that more than 50 million Nigerians wake up each day to Owuro L’Ojo (How D’You Do?), one of the hit tracks in the album.

Jangbalajugbu has sold in excess of more than a million copies. This of course does consider the large numbers which have been sold in the open market by pirates.


In October 2016, Beautiful Nubia was conferred with the award of ‘Doctorate in Science (Honoris Causa) in Art’ by ESEP Le Berger University, Republic of Benin for his body of work.


It was from the time of that remarkable success that Beautiful Nubia’s financial appraisal from the public eye began.

However consistent that might have been through all the years till this moment, Beautiful Nubia’s wealth, property or investment has proved unquantifiable in terms of figure. This is due to his special preference for a low-key life, and more is the truth that, he has chosen to show humility in stature and character.

But what is certain is the fact that the great Nigerian singer is stinking rich. In fact, richer than any interest could ever imagine!


Starting at precisely 8pm, January 1 2021, Beautiful Nubia will be holding a 3-day concert in Lagos. It is going to be a special presentation for 2021 New Year’s Day featuring Q&A and songs/performances by Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band.

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