4 Benefits of Two-Way SMS Messaging in Business

Two-Way SMS messaging is the ability to send and receive SMS messages. This messaging system is great for businesses as it allows to send messages to any network and receive replies through a web based platform that uses API’s. Customers are allowed to reach back by sending keywords via short code or long code.

The benefits of two-way SMS messaging is that it offers the ultimate personalized customer experience. It’s a direct message, sent specifically to the customer, with a real, live agent on the other end available to carry on an SMS-based conversation.

The benefits of two-way SMS messaging in business are so many. It’s no secret that communication is most effective when it’s a two-way street and businesses that converse with their customers often are able to gauge their needs, which, in turn, enables them to serve them better. Here are the benefits of using two way SMS in business;

1. Has 97% Read Rate

 SMS messages have a higher open and read rate than other modes of communication such as emails. This way, your message is immediately read and can be easily responded to.

2. Low Cost, High Conversion

 Compared to other types of marketing, SMS campaigns have lower setup fees and running costs. Return of Investment is also high as businesses are required to deal with existing customers or people willing to provide their numbers to receive their marketing messages. These customers, are more likely to acquire your services or buy your products again when they receive your messages.

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3. Quick and Flexible

Two-Way SMS is a simple and immediate. Users can send a message to a hundred customers within minutes. Businesses can also choose to automate dynamic responses based on predefined keywords based on customer preferences thus saving time and resources.

4. Easy Access

 Two-Way SMS messages can be sent and read on any mobile device. This makes SMS a highly accessible and effective tool for businesses to reach out to their customers. In addition, once a customer opts in to start receiving SMS messages, businesses can easily interact with the customers without their messages being ignored and viewed as spam messages.

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