Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria with good Facilities

Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria and their Facilities > Secondary education or post-primary education covers two phases on the International Standard Classification of Education scale. Level 2 or lower secondary education is considered the second and final phase of basic education, and level 3 secondary education is the stage before tertiary education.

That’s because it is in this period of education that a student is meant to understand the area of specialization per career that he/she will feature very well in.

As is the norm, a student chooses whether he or she will do the arts or sciences and pursue a career in the tertiary institution in furtherance of education.

Education provides a platform for every child to reach for the stars. Every parent, therefore, strives to provide their children with quality education. With the number of schools available, it can be a tough to deciding which is the best secondary schools in Nigeria and with adequate facilities to choose. Well,  we have you covered.

Best Secondary Schools in Nigeria with good Facilities

Before deciding on the school to enroll your child, you should carry out a proper assessment of the school. Below are the best secondary schools in Nigeria and their facilities:

1. Chrisland International School, Lagos

Chrisland International School is one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria and the foremost privately-owned international schools in Nigeria, Chrisland International School takes the lead in providing quality, all-round education for pupils.

The students, as always, recorded an outstanding feat in all examinations with a spread of distinctions in all subjects.

The school’s alumni since its establishment continue to bear the light wherever they go and in all their endeavours, doing their Almer mater proud.

The schools are spread across Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria. The locations include: Ikeja (Opebi & Ladipo Oluwole), Abuja, VGC, Lekki, Festac Area (Amuwo-Odofin), and Idimu.

2. Corona Secondary School, Lagos

Corona Secondary School, Lagos was established over 65 years ago, Corona schools no doubt have built a proven reputation of excellence over the decades and is one of the the best secondary schools in Nigeria that have good learning facilities.

3. Rainbow College, Lagos

Rainbow College as one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria that have good learning facilities has a top-flight co-educational secondary school that applies a global approach to teaching and nurturing in an ideal environment for the exercise of learning.

Rainbow College students’ performance in national and international examinations over the years has set them apart from many others.

4. Bethel American International School, Ibadan

Bethel AIS is a co-educational institution with full boarding facilities. The school ranks as one of the best schools in Nigeria in 2021.

BethelAIS recorded 100% at SSCE WAEC administered examination for 2020. Their students scored between 1,200 – 1383 in their last SAT result.

Even though the school is in its 8th year of operation, and the alumni are still in various universities within and outside of Nigeria, their students are represented across some of the best universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Nigeria.

Bethel AIS board is made up of leaders of industries and successful individuals whose contributions have further spurred the growth and accomplishments of the school.

5. Charles Dale Memorial International

College has won many awards and recognition in recent times including the National Chemistry Olympiad Competition – Best Female student – 2017; Nigeria’s representative in the 50th International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad, Moscow, Russia, among many others.

The school has a strong and experienced Governing Board with members who have gathered wealth of experience across various disciplines. The board hare in the staff’s commitment to ensuring the long and short-term success of the school.

6. Adesoye College, Offa, Kwara State

Adesoye College is a co-educational college founded by Chief Emmanuel Olatunji Adesoye in January 1987 to educate boys and girls from all the states of Nigeria as well as from overseas whose parents want to have the best kind of upbringing for them.

The school is one of the few outstanding private secondary schools in Nigeria with a decades-long record of excellence and unequalled achievements.

7. Premiere Academy, Lugbe Abuja

Founded in October 2005, Premiere Academy is an international school, with excellent boarding provision, where personal development, community service, teamwork, and leadership are all important aspects of growing.

8. Capital Science Academy, Abuja

Located in Kuje, Abuja, Capital Science Academy boasts as one of the leading schools in Nigeria today. The school offers Nigerian curriculum subjects and a wide range of electives.

In the past year, in the National Examinations, WAEC and NECO, the school has recorded 90- 98% in A-C and 100% A-E. In Jamb/UTME, the school has recorded 90-100% from 200-310 in the past year.

They have also recorded 70-90% distinction – c in an international examination – IGCSE with 100% in English and Maths. In SAT, the school has recorded 95%-98% form 950 and above, and 1000-1400 is about 95%.

Though relatively a recently established school, Capital Science students are flying high in their different institutions of higher learning across the world. Capital science was recently a recipient of the African Achievers Award, UK, and FCT Award for Best Performing School, Nigeria.

Capital Science Academy has a vibrant board of directors who bring to bear their wealth of experiences from across diverse industries and fields.

9. Graceland International School, Port Harcourt

Graceland international school Port Harcourt ranks one of the best schools in Nigeria in 2021.

Graduates of Graceland International school have gained admission to schools in the UK and US such as Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Kentucky, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of South Florida, University of Southern Georgia, among many other top-ranking world universities.

The school has won many awards locally and internationally including Two times gold medalists from Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad. Six times winner of National Cowbell Competition, serial winner (in Nigeria) of American Mathematics Competition 12 for 6 consecutive years – 2014-2019, among many others.

10. Hallmark Secondary School, Ondo

Hallmark Secondary School, Ondo is a co-education school with a boarding system that runs a strictly rich national British Curriculum design. The school was established some 25 years ago and has since been championing the course of excellence.

Located in the beautiful, serene, and historical city, Calabar in Cross River State, Surefoot International School (SIS) is an inclusive, co-educational, private, day and boarding school founded on solid Christian values.

Boasting 100 percent success rates in both Cambridge IGCSEs and WASSCE exams and being an affiliate member of the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA), SIS ensures that the International Education Standards are brought within your reach.

11. Hillcrest College, Jos

The school was founded in 1942 as a not-for-profit day and boarding school for children of missionaries and other children as able. Today, a majority of students come from Nigeria, with a good number of expatriate students.

Hillcrest College students have been performing excellently in both international and external examinations over the year, thus, the school has a reputation not only for moral but academic excellence.

The school uses an American curriculum and is designed to academically equip students to successfully fit into American and European Colleges and Universities.

12. The Vale College, Ibadan

The Vale College was founded by Solemilia Educational Trust as a co-educational secondary school on Monday, November 7, 1994.

Since its establishment, The Vale College has continued to distinguish itself by providing holistic education, as evident from the students, we graduate each year, true to our watchword Character and Learning.

The school is arguably one of the best schools in Nigeria. The Ambassador Schools, Ogun State Reputed for their student’s excellent academic performance next to none especially in sciences, the Ambassadors is one of the best schools in Nigeria in 2021.

The history of The Ambassadors Schools dates back to September 1998 when the school started like candlelight and has grown into a flame that has produced scholastic giants who can fit into any field of endeavour in the world.

13. Princess Shekinah International School, Imo State

Princess Shekinah International School is a full boarding co-educational Christian Secondary School located at KM 1, Ihiagwa Nkaramoche Road at the outskirts of Owerri, the capital city of Imo State in the Southeast part of Nigeria.

The school is s positioned to offer quality international education in a purpose-built, beautiful, serene campus with state-of-the-art facilities.

Guided by a staff of highly qualified coaches, students hone athletic skills, through healthy competition while also learning the value of hard work, discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship as they strive for victory on and off of the playing field.

14. Master Care International School, Asaba

Mastercare International School is a co-educational boarding secondary school with a boarding facility capable of accommodating approximately six hundred students.

The school consists of a crèche and kindergarten as well as a primary school and a Secondary school.

The school has a reputation of excellence when it comes to academic and even non-academic performance and this continues to attract hundreds of parents who want their kids to attend the school.

15. British Spring College, Akwa, Anambra

British Spring College was created as a private international school to provide world-class education with the use of modern technologies, catering to children aged 10 to 18.

The school places premium on unparalleled standard in all they do, hence, the enviable outcomes attained by their student’s world-over.

The school prides itself on in allowing every student to excel, fulfill their potential, and become highly qualified, equipped fully for the demands and exciting challenges of life.

16. Preston International School

Akure Preston International school is a mixed, full-boarding, co-educational Christian secondary school for boys and girls from around the world. The school benefits from a wide range of superb facilities which include sporting and recreational facilities which make life at school home.

Preston International School students perform excellently in examinations both internal and external, a factor that makes Preston the ideal choice for parents who want nothing short of excellence in their children’s academic careers.

17. Crescent International School, Kano

Crescent International school is one of the best schools in Nigeria in 2021. The academic program at CIS fosters excellence in all disciplines. Faculty members guide students in mastering skills, acquiring knowledge, and thinking critically, creatively and independently.

The school strives to help young people achieve their potential not only intellectually, but also artistically, athletically, and morally, so that they may lead responsible and fulfilling lives.

Academic excellence is expressed in the school’s unusually broad and deep curriculum. Teachers meet students where they are, then push them further than they ever thought possible.

18. City of Knowledge Academy, Ogun state

The City of Knowledge Academy (CKA) is an international secondary school established to provide excellent academic and leadership training for young minds.

City of Knowledge Academy students embody the vision and mission of the Academy as they continue to surpass all expectations and projections of excellence, learning, and all-round development of the mind and body that constitutes our ethos.

Their students’ strides in arts, academics, sports, and other activities both inside and outside the school, are a testament to the quality of education the school provides.

The school board is made up of experienced, committed, and forward-thinking professionals with a combined decade of experiences which they bring to bear in the development of the school.

19. Nigerian Tulip International College, Kaduna

Located in Abuja, with campus locations in Kano, Kaduna, Lagos, Ogun, and Yobe, Nigerian Tulip International College consistently ranks as one of Nigerian’s leading community colleges.

The schools strive to prepare students to be future leaders by creating a safe and welcoming environment for exploration and learning, as well as personal and professional growth.

Nigerian Tulip International College prides itself in unequalled academic performance of students, a record they have held for many years in a roll. The school’s alumni are placed in various top universities across the world.

20. Citadel International Collège

Citadel International Collège is a full boarding Secondary School located in Lagos. It runs a com-educational curriculum and has maintained a fixed student population of 650 pupils with a staff-student ratio of 9 to 1 for optimum learning for every child. The school has a proven track record and boasts of academic excellence and a well-rounded education.

21. Citadel International Collège

Citadel International Collège is located in Ondo State and has a conducive learning environment with both boarding and day facilities. The School works hard to maintain a high moral standard. The aim of the school is to provide total education for the student by teaching tolerance, peaceful co-existence and leadership lessons to prepare the students for the future.

22. Lumen Christi International High School

Lumen Christi International High School is located in Edo state and has an amazing track record with awards and trophy’s to show for its excellence in academic performance. It has a dedicated staff that are ready to work with every student to bring out the best in them.

23. Christ The King College

Christ The King College is all boy’s school located in Onitsha. The school is dedicated to train students will skills required to stand out in the future. Its mission is to facilitate, nurture and instill in youths a thirst for goodness, discipline and knowledge based on Catholic moral principles, in preparation for life’s journey.

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