10 Businesses You Can Start with 2000 USD in Africa

There are businesses and there are businesses. Here in this context are a few of the 10 businesses you can start with 2000 USD in Africa. It doesn’t need to be expensive to start a business. There are plenty of industries and types of startups that require very little upfront. If you only have a small amount to spend or just want to turn a profit quickly, some ventures are everywhere waiting for you to be explored.

Without arguments, many business and consumer services can be offered with very little upfront cost. Even some product-based businesses don’t require much capital. Most successful business owners that start with 2,000 USD do so with online business ideas, like VA services, affiliate marketing sites, or drop shipping businesses.

10 Businesses You Can Start with 2000 USD in Africa

Draw closer to this table and pick from the varieties of different practicable 10 businesses you can start with 2,000 USD in Africa, and you will ever be glad you did:


First on the list of the 10 businesses you can start with 2000 USD in Africa, catering business doesn’t require a physical location. So this is one of the main food service options that you can start without a huge upfront cost. To start your own catering business, you’ll need some cooking supplies and enough extra to purchase ingredients. Then you can use the earnings from each job to grow.

Event Photography

As an event photographer, you travel to clients for their weddings or special occasions and then provide them with digital photos. There are some nice cameras available used for under this price. Then you can upgrade or purchase additional lenses once you’ve shot a few events and made some extra cash.

Food Delivery Services

You can start a business delivering food with just a mode of transportation and a way for people to contact you. This may include a website, an app, or even just a phone number. Some delivery businesses focus on carryout from restaurants, while others offer groceries or general errand services. So you can choose a niche within this area.

SEO Specialist

Many companies hire SEO businesses to improve their visibility on search engines like Google. This is generally a fully online business which stands qualified to be counted as one of the 10 businesses you can start with 2000 USD in Africa. So you just need a website and some expertise to get started. It may also help if you have existing experience in this area and contacts with other business professionals. Otherwise, you may need to invest in some online advertising to get your first clients.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers earn income by posting advertising and affiliate links on their own websites. Each time someone clicks through one of these links and makes a purchase, the site owner gets a small commission. There are tons of business niche examples within this field. You can share anything from clothing and décor products to software and services for a business-to-business market. You just need a website or active social media accounts and relationships with brands that offer affiliate programs.

Wholesale Bakery

This baking business is on the list of the 10 businesses you can start with 2000 USD in Africa because it is feasible with the amount. If you love baking, you can start a baking business without a dedicated storefront. You may need a permit and inspection for a home kitchen. But then all it takes is some basic ingredients and baking gear to get started. And you can sell anything from bread to cookies directly to local bakeries or even offer them online.

Online Print Shop

If you’re looking for art business ideas that are cheap to start, here are 10 businesses you can start with 2000 USD in Africa. Why don’t you consider selling prints of your work online. You can offer digital files for sale on your own website or on marketplaces like Etsy. You don’t even need a space for inventory or printing if you stick with digital files. But it also doesn’t cost much to offer physical prints of your work.

Local Airport Shuttle

Airport shuttles and executive transportation companies provide transportation services to and from the airport or other local spots. If you already have a quality vehicle, this business requires next to nothing to get started. You may spend your initial money on a website, booking app, or local advertising. Trying this as one of the 10 businesses you can start with 2000 USD in Africa will definitely make you rich.


A landscaping service is a perfect option for those who love spending time outside. You just need some basic lawn care tools and transportation to get started. Most people interested in this type of business already have at least a lawnmower and a truck. Then you can use the profits from your initial jobs to invest in larger machinery, if necessary.

Social Media Coordinator

If you’re interested in starting a social media business, offer your services online to brands that interest you. This really just requires a smartphone, computer, and internet connection. You may also benefit from a website and maybe some online or social media ads, depending on your existing contacts. You cannot afford to lose this big opportunity. It is a sure business among the 10 businesses you can start with 2000 USD in Africa.

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