7 Common Causes of Dangerous Slip and Fall Accidents

 Common Causes of Dangerous Slip and Fall Accidents – Slip and fall accidents are the most prevalent form of premises liability accidents that lead to lawsuits. Because slip and fall accidents are almost always avoidable, they can lead to large payouts for victims. While you always want to do your best to avoid the often harsh injuries and damages associated with slip and fall accidents, tragedies do sometimes occur despite our best efforts. To help protect you, these are the seven most common causes of dangerous slip and fall accidents that you should be aware of: 

7 Common Causes of Dangerous Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip accidents happen for a number of reasons. The following are the common causes of dangerous slip and fall accidents  that can  help you understand the factors that can contribute to slip accidents and the action to take to prevent them:

1. Inclement Weather 

Whether it be snow, hail, or high winds, inclement weather can lead to disaster. Slip surfaces, winds fast enough to knock you off balance, and other effects from these types of weather can cause you to suddenly slip and fall – even if you’re typically incredibly agile. Other injuries and illnesses are likely if you’re walking long distances in inclement weather, so never take the risk. Your body, mind, and wallet will thank you in the long run if you avoid walking in extreme weather. 

2. Nursing Home Neglect 

Some of the most devastating, and even deadly, slip and fall accidents happen in nursing homes. Because the elderly are much less likely to successfully recover from major fractures, hip injuries, or spinal cord injuries, they must never experience a slip and fall accident. Quality nursing homes know this and make it a top priority to keep their homes free from potential slip and fall hazards. If you or a loved one is injured in a slip and fall accident during their stay at a nursing home, you should contact a qualified slip and fall accident attorney immediately

3. Poorly Lit Spaces

If you’ve ever gone to the bathroom at night without turning a light on, you’ll understand how quickly a poorly lit area can become dangerous. Whether it be on someone else’s property, a public walkway, or some other area, poor lighting conditions can lead to serious slip and fall hazards. Additionally, poorly lit spaces are a security nightmare and can make it more likely that crimes will occur. To keep yourself and others safe, never walk in a public area if there is not proper, safe lighting present to guide you. 

4. Damaged Handrails 

For many people, climbing stairs without a handrail is nearly impossible (or at the very least dangerous). Due to this, properties are required to have sturdy, properly maintained handrails at all times. Especially in areas that cater to an elderly clientele (such as nursing homes), the need for strong handrails becomes even more severe. If a person is suddenly thrown off balance by a damaged handrail giving out under them, they will become extremely prone to dangerous (or even deadly) slip and fall accidents. 

5. Stray Cords

Tripping hazards are some of the most common factors in slip and fall accidents. Stray cords, loose flooring, and other dangerous tripping conditions can lead to sudden, avoidable disasters, after all. This is why, despite all the electronics you typically see in public spaces, you almost never see stray electrical cords surrounding them. If you’re a victim of a slip and fall injury due to stray cords or loose flooring, you’re likely entitled to a huge payout from the responsible property owner. Understanding your rights in this devastating situation is your first line of defense against life-altering medical bills and other damages. 

6. Uneven or Wet Surfaces 

Many people think of wet surfaces as the primary cause of slip and fall accidents. In actuality, both uneven and wet surfaces are the most common causes of slip and fall accidents. This is why you always see “wet floor” hazard signs posted up at businesses when the floor is even a little damp. By posting these signs, businesses are protecting themselves from potential slip and fall lawsuits. 

7. Faulty Footwear

A lot of people fail to realize that shoe manufacturers can sometimes be held accountable for accidents caused by faulty or improperly made footwear. Because this type of case is much more difficult to prove in court, however, it is one of the lesser-known causes of slip and fall accidents that attorneys deal with. To keep yourself safe, you should always periodically check your footwear to make sure that they’re snug, and that they are not becoming a dangerous tripping hazard. Having a quality insurance plan to help protect you as a backup is highly recommended as well. 

Stay Safe, Stay Upright

By educating yourself about these seven common causes of slip and fall accidents, you’ll be much more likely to avoid such an accident in your future If you do become a victim, however, hiring a professional premises liability lawyer to represent you during your fight for compensation is of utmost importance. 

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