Causes of Students’ Failure in English Language

Language is oftentimes regarded as the most dynamic invention of man. If so, what then are the causes of students’ failure in English Language? Well, there is no point merry-go-rounding. It stays absurd to concede the fact that language is an invention of men and at the same time endure the constant failure that man encounter with the formal challenges that are set on English language as a good example.

As the world’s most popular language, it is a language that generally needs be mastered whether man likes it or not. But it is quite disappointing that it is the most abused in terms of blunders both in speech and in writing. English language can be a language that is so rule-tied that one may not be able to speak without first being conversant with its grammar through consistent learning.

The learning of English can be very easy, you know! The reason is that scholars have provided different ways through language, particularly can be learnt. Some of them are, reading books written in its standard form, listening to English rap songs, news, and radio presentations or popular broadcasts such as BBC, CNN, etc.

With all these suggested ways and means, it is painful to yet witness the constant massive failure that students across the world now face in exams that involve solving the language. However, below are some of the causes of students’ failure in English Language. This content is made so you may face the truth of the root causes and by so doing discover the solutions to this menacing problems:

Unskilled and Unprofessional Teachers

It is also true that there is a shortage of skilled English teachers across the world. Again, we have not been able to invent the right approach to learning English for our students. Most of the teachers prepare a suggestion and mark some important questions to memorize.

Misleading Textbooks

The textbooks are not devised and designed or written well. But learning a language is a different thing. Our teachers are not trained enough to set questions properly. To learn a language, a student must learn the meaning and use of a word as well as make a sentence correctly so that she can be capable of writing sentences freely and correctly to express his or her thoughts and ideas from the relevant subject.

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Memorizing Instead of Creatively Knowing

Most of the teachers at the secondary level advise the students to commit some answers to their memory and answer the questions on answer scripts from their memory. They just want to pass the exams. Then they only memorize some answers and hope to get them common in the exams.

The existing pattern of setting questions encourages our students to memorize the answers. Very few teachers can be found at Secondary and Higher Secondary levels who make efforts to develop the originality and creativity of the students.

Negative Attitude

The boys and girls from their childhood hold a negative attitude towards learning English. Most of the students in our country are not interested in learning English. Besides, many students have a hostile attitude toward English as a foreign language. They always think that English is a foreign language and there is no need of learning English.

Some students are afraid of learning English. Besides, many students consider English a problem, but they do not try to overcome this problem. They think that it is very difficult to learn English. As a result, most of them fail in the exams.

Wrong Method of Teaching and Lack of Facilities

The government as well as the concerned authorities have given more importance to learning English. The teachers of English at Secondary level also follow the same method of teaching as the teachers of other subjects do. This is very suicidal. As a result, the learners of English cannot develop their skills in English. But they do not try to realize that English is a language and teaching of a language is different from other subjects.

Moreover, in most of the educational institutions, the facilities are very limited and the environment for learning English is not at all favorable. The students also should use English more and more in communicating with others. In this way, they will be able to develop their skill.

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