Top Cheapest Flights to Book in Nigeria (Cheapest Ticket).

Top cheapest flights to book in Nigeria (Cheapest Ticket) do not cost beyond some manageably reasonable amount; well, it all depends on what type of flight you want to make and on which country you are to travel; or more importantly, cost of lights also depends on the Nigerian airline you are patronizing for the travel. You can always decide to travel anywhere in the world as long as you know the right application process to follow. No one, at least not one Nigerian detests the idea of travelling; the bottleneck oftentimes is the fact that the money required to run the process of flight outside the country usually cost an arm and a leg.

However, in the midst of all these suggested costs which might presumably tear the pocket of any typical Nigerian who may be struggling to get out of the country for economic or academic reasons, this article is prepared to provide you with the reliable information about the top cheapest flights to book in Nigeria (Cheapest Ticket). We believe that from this list you can choose which one fits the size or weight of your pockets.

Top Cheapest Flights to Book in Nigeria (Cheapest Ticket).

As people travel to and fro across the shores of Africa into other many continents in the world, here are the top cheapest flights to book in Nigeria (Cheapest Ticket) which you, rest assured, believe is true and can be patronized for its inexpensiveness.

1. Lagos to London flights – #272, 607
2. Lagos to Dubai flights – #297, 298
3. Abuja to Dubai flights – #247, 449
4. Lagos to Manchester – #257, 119
5. Abuja to Lefkosa – #597, 980
6. Abuja to Washington, D.C. flights – #526, 110
7. Abuja to New York flights – #544, 570
8. Lagos to Chicago flights – #545, 280
9. Lagos to Boston flights – #545, 280
10. Lagos to New York flights – #545, 990
11. Abuja to Chicago flights – #550, 960
12. Abuja to Houston flights – #577, 230
13. Abuja to Boston flights – #584, 330
14. Lagos to Washington, D.C. flights – #858, 180
15. Abuja to Los Angeles flights – #612, 730
16. Lagos to Seattle flights – #628, 350
17. Abuja to Atlanta flights – #637, 580
18. Abuja to San Francisco flights – #643, 970
19. Lagos to San Francisco flights – #643, 970
20. Lagos to Los Angeles flights – #669, 530
21. Lagos to Miami flights – #673, 080

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