Best Cities to Study Business in Ireland

The list of the best cities to study business in Ireland is here loaded for you as intel. It is no longer news to note the fact that Ireland is an important business hub in western Europe. It is also home to some leading companies in the pharmaceutical, technology and agriculture sectors which can provide job opportunities to students passing out of business schools.

Students passing out of Irish business schools can also choose the third level graduate program and stay back in Ireland after graduation. They can stay back for 12-24 months and apply for a employment permit once they get a job in Ireland.

Doing an MBA in the business schools of Ireland provides students with good networking resources considering the country’s location which is close to Great Britain and also western Europe. They can also find employment opportunities in these countries. Doing an MBA in Ireland from its best business schools is worth the investment.

Cost of Managing Business Courses

The business schools in Ireland offer business management courses at affordable cost to international students when compared with similar programs offered in the US or the UK. The average cost of an MBA program in Ireland is between 14,000 to 35,000 Euros per year.

Apart from this, students can apply for scholarships to study at business schools in Ireland. Some notable scholarships are:

  • Achiever MBA Scholarship: Offered by the UCD Michael Smurfit Business School, this is a merit-based scholarship that covers the full tuition fees for all MBA programs in the institute.

  • University of Limerick scholarships for Indian Students: This is again a merit-based scholarship that provides a fee concession to students who apply for a program in the university.

Best Cities to Study Business in Ireland

As more and more international students are aspiring to pursue master’s degrees overseas, Ireland has become one of the popular destinations for higher education. There are many reasons for international students to study in Ireland; the presence of top universities, excellent quality education, world-class facilities, quality of life, etc.

Ireland has become the European headquarters for many international companies like Google and Amazon, which has led to a boom in job opportunities. Below is the list of the best cities to study business in Ireland:


Dublin is a land of great Irish universities, and there is no reason why the city should not be the top preference when it comes to studying in Ireland. Be it the prestigious universities or best nightclubs or natural beauty, Dublin has it all.

To begin with, Dublin has a vibrant history, picturesque locations and thus plenty of great places to visit, such as museums, botanical gardens and more. Secondly, you will find several peaceful places to study such as libraries, coffee shops and gardens where you sit and focus on your studies away from the noisy and bustling city.

However, if you are someone who loves to participate in activities, you can even find loads of activities and events you can be a part of.


Maynooth city is the perfect combination of peace and thrill. The city is just a few minutes away from the Dublin City Center, and there are plenty of transportation options to travel between Maynooth and Dublin. You can visit the Royal Canal Walk from Maynooth to Leixlip if you enjoy going on walks amidst nature.
There is no denying that the main attraction of Maynooth is the ‘Maynooth University’. The university is the first preference of many national and international students. The university’s world-class infrastructure, amenities and focused lectures are what attract international students to this university every year.


Galway is considered to be one of the friendliest cities in the world. With its low crime rate, it is a safe place in Ireland for international students to pursue their education. The New York Times calls it ‘Ireland’s most charming city’.
With its convivial festivals and events, the city attracts thousands of people from around the world every year. The city was recently announced as the 2020 European capital of culture, due to its rich and diverse culture.
Galway attracts the highest number of international students than any other city in Ireland.


The Cork city known as the “Rebel county” is a small city located in the south-west of Ireland. The city has a reputation of being one of the leading cities in Ireland for technology and education, and two of the top European universities – the University College Cork (UCC) and Cork Institute of Technology, are located in this city.
Moreover, the city is home to Ireland’s science and technology center. Thus many international companies such as Apple, Amazon and Siemens have opened their European headquarters in this city.

Business Schools Across Ireland

  • Trinity Business School

The Trinity Business School located in Dublin offers project-based learning in its MBA programs which offer real-world management skills to students delivered by highly qualified faculty and high-ranking professionals. This will help students effectively apply what they have learned in the classroom to real world situations.

The MBA programs in Trinity focus on ‘Live Action Learning’ where students learn about real companies that have real issues. The other program is the LEAD module where students develop leadership skills.

The Trinity Business School has accreditation from AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. This is one of the top business schools in Dublin and offers a one-year full-time or a two-year part time MBA for students.

  • UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

This is another top-ranking business school in Ireland that also ranks among the top business schools in the world. Located in Dublin, this business school has accreditation from AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.

More than half of the students at UCD Smurfit are international students. The school maintains contacts with international businesses, leading business schools and organizations that help to enrich its MBA programs and help its students get impressive placements after graduation. The business school offers both full-time and part-time MBA programs.

  • Cairnes School of Business & Economics

This is one of the top three business schools in NUI Galway under the College of Business, Public Policy and Law. The business school has over 30 undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The business school has accreditation from AACSB, AMBA and the EMD program accreditation. The school offers programs in five disciplines: Accountancy & Finance, Business Information Systems, Economics, Management, and Marketing.

  • Dublin Business School

This international business school has double accreditations and offers post graduate courses in business management that provides clear career paths for students. The courses here offer students thought leadership training and industry experience.

  • Griffith College, Dublin

The Graduate Business School under Griffith college offers a full-time and part-time MBA program in international business. This course will help students to develop the skills and knowledge to handle international business in key industries.

  • Dublin Institute of Technology

There are various courses in business management in this institute. The courses focus on discussion in the classroom and team projects done collaboratively.

  • University College, Cork

The college offers an executive MBA which is a part-time course with a 2-year duration. The course provides students the required training and knowledge to become innovators and leaders in the future.

  • Kemmy Business School, Limerick

The Kemmy Business School is among the top business schools in Ireland which offers an executive MBA program as well as other graduate programs in management. It has accreditation from AMBA and AACSB.

  • Warnborough College

The college offers an MBA program in online mode which has a duration of 16 months. The student has to do an industry internship if he is not already employed.

  • Griffith College, Limerick

The Griffith College situated in Limerick offers MBA programs whose duration ranges from 2 to 2.5 years.

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