Why Education is Important for Success.

Why education is important for success is an enlightenment question which concentrates on the borderline between education and success, and checks for whether some nexus can be found. Over the historical development of the world of mankind, several philosophers and scholars have risen to give light to the human society as a result of their many inquiries or research into what was originally understood by the general people as ‘mysteries’.

Thus, their works began to educate the people and enlighten and develop the world of men.

Nelson Mandela says, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ This great statement from a highly respected African statesman further emphasizes the necessity that comes with education as the only pathway to success in any man’s life.

Either formal, informal, or non-formal education, every man needs education as the bridge to be crossed to get to the borders of success.

Why Education is Important for Success.

In a society where competition forms the order of the day and where there seems to be no red light to put the world back to order, education remains the only solution which reshapes the man to see beyond merely chasing shadows.

It is the sunlight which gives light to the darkness of the world, and the enlightenment to the savagery of men. Here are reasons carefully outlined to give the reasons why education is important for success in any individual.

1. Educations Builds Confidence

The fact that education gives and builds confidence in one’s self is why education is important for success. The very large reservoir of knowledge that education passes into one imbues one with some boldness. This confidence is enough recipe to facing any challenges or embarking on any venture that aims at success is pointer to the connection that success shares with the concept of success.

2. Education Helps One Have Personal Control

The reason above therefore opens up one’s consciousness to rather begin to have the courage to have control of one’s choices in life. This way, success is everywhere very closer than it is expected to be because one who knows where one is headed will surely get there.

3. Education Enhances and Broadens Financial Intelligence

Part of the wide range of knowledge passed into one is the ability to maximize opportunities into economic abundance. This type of knowledge is often called financial intelligence, that is, the potential effectively manage the sane way of spending and also amassing profits. This is another reason why education is important for success

4. Education Increases Earning Power

The question why education is important for success is eloquently answered by the truth that education can always assist one in raising the earning power of anyone who is educated enough to have a college degree by helping one get a better pay job.

5. Education Safeguards the Economic Future of Nation

Education is not only important for personal life but it is also important to the nation as well. If people are educated in the country, then the future of the nation is in safer hands. Furthermore, education is also important for the economic growth of the nation you are staying in. Australia, USA and Japan are few countries with very high literacy rates. These countries are extremely prosperous and the citizens have a high per capita income.  On the other hand, in underdeveloped and developing nations, where literacy rate is not as high, a number of people are still living below the poverty line.

 6. Education Helps One Acquire Skills

Undoubtedly, education can really help one acquire more skills. College courses like computer science, electrical engineering, etc. are examples of courses that build one’s skill and thereby provide financial opportunities to people even when there is no job forthcoming. The acquisition of skills is therefore one of the why education is important for success.

7. Education Realizes Dreams

Lastly, education is a great way by which anyone could fulfil dreams. Because of its major essence which is to fill one’s mind with adequate knowledge and thereby broaden the horizon to enable one have a clearer understanding of the society and of one’s life. Without doubt, this understanding gives the confidence and the power by which man can take control of his own life by putting all available resources into good use to some advantage.

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