Education is the Most Valuable Treasure of Every Nation

Education is the most valuable treasure any nation can give to its citizens. Functional education should be geared towards the acquisition of knowledge and information as well as relevant competencies (skills, attitudes, aptitudes, etc). Effective education therefore should go beyond mere literacy – ability to read and write. It should incorporate ability to “do” and “apply” that is, it should equip the learners with some form of technical know-how.

The number of unemployed graduates in Nigeria suggests that most of them do not possess relevant, saleable, employable or even entrepreneurial skills that are needed in the society. This partly explains why the nation has remained economically dependent till date. This is because most nations who are economic giants today, started by equipping their citizens with the right type of education – education that will enable them use both their heads and hands. The type of education that equips its recipients with such abilities to think is generally described to work as vocational education.

This type of education is very crucial to every nation particularly those that are still “developing” such as Nigeria. The reason is that economic stability and independence is a product of technological status and independence. Nations and in fact individuals should therefore aspire to acquire education that is “work-oriented”.

Education is indeed the most valuable treasure  that any of us can have. Once we have been educated, it is now up to us how we will use and treasure it. It needs a lot of perseverance and concentration so that we can be educated.

It makes an individual to be adequately fit into the society in which he finds himself. Education as against ignorance, brings out the best in every individual. Riches, on the other hand, has to do with acquiring wealth and opulence which may be difficult to maintain without adequate knowledge.

Education gives financial security in addition to stability, which is very important in today’s culture. An excellent education is more likely to lead to a higher-paying career and provide you with the necessary skills.

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