Gamophobia Means Fear Of Marriage- How To Deal With Gamophobia.

Gamophobia Means Fear Of Marriage- Some people actually have a real phobia of getting married—though some people who’ve heard about this might be quick to claim gamophobia as an excuse for not committing.


Wikipedia connote Gamophobia (prounced ‘ga-me-PHO-bia’, from the Greek ‘gamo’ meaning ‘marriage’) is the fear of getting married, being in a relationship, or commitment. The opposite of ‘gamophobia‘ is ‘anuptaphobia’-it is the fear of not being in a relationship (to be single or alone).

Causes/Reasons For Fear Of Marriage ( Gamophobia ):

Growing up in an unhappy family, or experiencing such examples, can lead to gamophobia. But what other reasons could underlie fear of marriage?

Living alone for a long time and getting used to this sort of life can trigger an anxious approach to the idea of sharing the same house with a person.

However, living in a happy family might cause one to take even the slightest instance of discussion with a partner as a signal that they would not be able to achieve the same level of happiness as their parents.

The idea that divorce may prove to be difficult due to family pressure is another one of the reasons that underlies the fear of marriage.

In addition, traditional practices such as asking for permission from the girl’s parents, engagements and weddings can turn people away from the idea of getting married.

How To Deal With Gamophobia ( Fear Of Marriage ):

Healthy marriages are the most solid building blocks of society. In order to have healthy and long relationships, it is necessary to deal with the fear of marriage and, if needed, you overcome it through the tips outlines below or  support of an expert.

  • Ignore the negative family patterns you see around you.
  • Make sure you know yourself and your partner well enough.
  • Learn to share things with your partner.
  • Remember that your partner is an individual and marriage does not mean the disappearance of that individuality.
  • Focus on the meaning of marriage. Define what you expect from marriage and be open to your partner about them.
  • If you feel that you cannot overcome your fear of marriage and are under stress for this reason, you should always consult an expert.

Symptoms Of Gamophobia:

You can know if you have a true irrational fear of marriage or legitimate concerns by looking at these common symptoms of gamophobia.

If you have these symptoms, you are likely going to need to seek outside help to overcome your fear of marriage.

The symptoms to watch for include:

  • Anxiety when thinking about marriage
  • Avoidance of married couples and weddings
  • Unable to cope with the anxiety from commitment
  • Muscle tension, weakness, or sweating
  • Panic attacks or anxiety attacks (can feel like a heart attack)

It is possible that even thinking about these symptoms panic you.

If you have these or other symptoms of gamophobia, such as frequent breakups and no long-term relationships, you might need to work to discover the root cause of your fear of marriage so that you can address it.

How To Treat Gamophobia ( Fear Of Marriage ):

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT, is one of the most commonly used forms of psychotherapy, and it has been very successful in treating several phobias.

This type of therapy focuses on being more aware of your thoughts and feelings, how they affect your behavior, and how you can change your behavior to have a healthier relationship with your partner and yourself.

2. Be  Positives

Think logically about all of the positive things that would come out of being married. You’ll get to have some great parties, an amazing honeymoon holiday, and you might even be looking forward to some aspects of the wedding itself.

There are some other perks to being married as well, such as cheaper health insurance, lower income taxes, and easier management of financial and legal matters.

3.  Dialectical Behavior Therapy

This type of behavioral therapy is done in a group setting. Although it is not developed specifically for treating phobias (it is a treatment for borderline personality disorder), this type of therapy has proven to be very beneficial for people with anxiety and phobias such as a fear of marriage.

This is because you learn a wide range of coping skills during these group sessions. DBT also uses mindfulness meditation to help you think logically about your fears.

4. Know What Is Scaring You

Is it the marriage that is scary? Or do you have a fear of the wedding itself? If you are afraid of the wedding but not the marriage, there are ways around that. Weddings can be very flexible.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of friends and family surrounding you on that day, you can even get married just you and your partner with a justice of the peace. Don’t let fears of minor things get in the way of a lifelong relationship nd a good marriage.

5. Medication Therapy

Although no medications are prescribed for gamophobia or other phobias and fears, some medications might help. Some antidepressants have been found to help with OCD or phobias and anxiety.

There are also anti-anxiety medications that can alleviate symptoms while you are working on the overall problems in therapy. Reach out to a psychiatrist or expert to discuss your symptoms, and he or she may be able to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

6. Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy is the most common way for professionals to help people overcome phobias. Exposing yourself to that which makes you anxious will eventually numb you to its effect. Your therapist may ask you to expose yourself to marriages and weddings in several ways to try to immerse you in it so that you can overcome your fears.

7. Think About Changes

Stop and think about what will change if you marry your partner. If you have no intention of leaving your partner, very little will likely change if you get married. After all, at some point, getting married is just a piece of paper.

If you and your partner have been living together for some time, you already live like a married couple. Seeing things from this perspective can help you overcome the fear of marriage.

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