How to Get Power in Society

8 Laws of Power: How to Get Power in Society

Since the release of the book, 8 Laws of Power, the dynamics involved in knowing how to get power in society have the preoccupation and the main gist of its crusade. We shall be dissecting some very important details as related to the book and its discourse.

Dynamics of Power: How to Get Power?

Over the centuries, the nature of power has changed. It’s no longer wielded by the physically strong or a tyrannical dictator intimidating a populace into obeying his will. In today’s world, says Robert Greene in 48 Laws of Power, to be powerful, or even influential, requires subtlety and finesse.

But don’t imagine the absence of force means you’re playing a fair and just game. The virtuous and honest will be exploited by those with less scruples. This is the nature of the world which, despite having moved on several centuries, still operates like a royal court.

Inside this court, you must give the appearance of operating within the rules. Image and reputation are everything if you want to be powerful. At all times, make it seem you are an upstanding citizen who values democratic traditions.

Common Traits of People Who Can Easily Get Power in Society of Men

Nonetheless, there are few things to pay attention to when building the personality of leadership with power in the society:

  • Enthusiasm: They express interest in others, advocate on their behalf and take joy in their achievements.
  • Kindness: They cooperate, share, express appreciation and dignify other people.
  • Focus: They establish shared goals and rules, a clear purpose and keep people on task.
  • Calmness: Through their actions and communication, they instill calm and perspective.
  • Openness: They display empathy and a disciplined process of listening attentively.

How to Get Power in Society

Below are the basic steps accessible in 8 Laws of Power: how to get power in society, the community of men:

Behind the scenes, use seduction, charm and deception to get your way. Performing this juggling act requires self-control and mastery of emotions. Greene explains: “An emotional response to a situation is the single greatest barrier to power, a mistake that will cost you a lot more than the temporary satisfaction you might gain by expressing your feelings.”

Of all the emotions, anger is the most ruinous to your chances of securing power. Even if you have been wronged by another, you must learn to bite your tongue and, in some cases, surrender.

This does not mean you submit. Outwardly, you acquiesce to the person or institution that has greater power over you at this moment in time. Inwardly, you rally your forces, bide your time, and wait for the moment to strike back. But the truth is, individuals rarely acquire power by themselves.

Just as the great artists from centuries past needed rich patrons to fund their existence, you’ll need to find an influencer who will promote you to a wider audience.

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