How to Become IROKOTV Dealer Agent and Earn Money.

IROKOTV is an online web platform that provides Nigerian films on demand. It is one of Africa’s first mainstream online film and video

IROKOTV release content every week, there is never a dull moment on IROKOTV there is always  great movies and television shows for you enjoy as often as you want, anywhere and anytime.

IROKOTV develop technologies that connect African communities worldwide with content, education, and opportunities that will have a positive long lasting impact on their lives.

IROKOTV aims to bringing amazing African entertainment to a global audience. IROKOTV is the most comprehensive look into what it means to be African today.

This channel is passionate about great entertainment and the service provides a rich affordable library of content that brings people closer to home. Apart from these amazing things about IROKO TV, the mainstream online film and video channel has also create an avenue to make some earning through its dealership program. Differently stated from other network services,  IROKOTV dealership program is an exciting commission based program which the dealer or partner and IROKOTV  benefits from every sale.

The benefits of being an IROKOTV dealer is that you will enjoy opportunity to own your own IROKOTV dealership business. You don’t need to pay rent to get a shop, you only need your android or desktop device. It is easy to do, it is convenient and one of the affordable way to start an online business.

How to Become IROKOTV Dealer Agent.

To become IROKOTV dealer agent and earn money, you must meet some simple requirements such as proper registration or clearance on the IROKOTV website, pay for the registration fee and attend training.

After proper registration,  IROKOTV will walk you through the best way to make money on the platform. As a successful dealer, you can earn more 1k  for every Irokotv subscription you made or sell and  you can make up to #20 per movie if you share a  movie with family and friends or customer.

Another function required of you as an IROKOTV dealer or agent is that you expected to educate people about Irokotv by convincing them to subscribe to the Irokotv channel.

IROKOTV customers subscription is about 3k (N3000). The customers subscription costs of 3k is per year and when they subscribe 3k you will earn 1k (N1000) as a dealer for every N3000 subscription you sell. Imagine you make 100 sales in a week!

However, to become IROKOTV dealer agent, Follow these steps to become a IROKOTV dealer agent:

1. Get Capital Ready.

To become IROKOTV dealer agent and earn money, you have to pay the necessary fee to get access to the platform and be trained. If you do not pay this fee, you will not get the required information from the company.

To work as  IROKOTV dealer is the same as distributor or agent, the first thing you want to consider is your financial capability, although is it affordable compared to DSTV and GTV dealership.

Once your your capital is ready, there are three IROKOTV packages available for dealership program and each of these packages has different prices. They includes: Basic Package, Gold Package and Platinum Package. You can choose from the dealer packages and categories below:

  • Basic Package:  The costs of registration to become IROKOTV dealer agent for basic package is N50,000 and you will get a T-shirts, A2 posters, 32GB SD card with 500+ movies and series.
  • Gold Package:  The costs of registration to be a IROKOTV dealer for this package is N100,000 and you will get T-shirts, flyers, A2 posters, roll up banner, aluminum signage and 32GB SD card with 500+ movies and series.
  • Platinum Package:  The costs of registration for this package N250,000 and includes an Irokotv branded kiosk. You will also get T-shirts, flyers, roll up banners, aluminum signage, A2 posters and 32GB SD card with 500+ movies and series.
2. Create Account or Register.

To get started with the process to becoming a prospective IROKOTV dealer agent to earn money, visit the official LINK IROKOTV and follow the instruction to fill and complete the dealer interest form at OFFICIAL LINK.

To be a part of the dealer network, just fill out the Registration Form by tapping on the start button on the platform.

Fill in the appropriate fields with your name, gender, date of birth, state of residence, city, phone no, email, dealer package type then submit. Pay one time registration fee which depends in your preferred dealer package and receive training and welcome packs.

3. Get Training.

The training requirement of becoming IROKOTV dealer agent is important. IROKOTV is the most comprehensive look into what it means to be African today offers training for interested individuals who would like to become either accredited or qualified partnership after successful registration.

After successful training, as a dealers you will enjoy – #1000 commission on every sale, – #20 for each movie you share with a customer, – 24/7 dedicated support frim customer service team, – Sales training and customer service and – Performance based rewards for top selling agents.


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