Make an Improved Conversation with a Girl

How to Make an Improved Conversation with a Girl

Many guys would easily want to know the ways on how to make an improved conversation with a girl they meet as they go about their daily lives. The main reason why this could be so is quite simple. Ladies are like golden lights and they give hope where the darkness of daily struggles and unfriendly encounters tend to dim the joys of men.

The chat between a boy and a girl, a guy and a lady, or a man and a woman can be oftentimes relieving and soul-soothing. The drift is, the female always have this aura of comfort which they pass to the hearts of men and that keeps them coming back every time they feel a sort of burden.

One of the very sure ways is making sure that you have a great command of words and adequate speaking skills. Some of the very applicable and effective qualities to possess in order to master the how to make an improved conversation with a girl are stated below:

Be Consistent

It’s good to have some conversation topics prepared, but try to keep them back until they’re needed. Talking about things that become relevant at the time makes you seem more confident and natural. If you see a cute dog walk by, it’s natural to point it out and talk about your dog or pets in general. This will feel more relaxed than asking about pets without any context.

Be Open

It might not be easy to share your personal stories with someone and list your fears, flaws, or insecurities. But if you like her and open up, it shows that you are comfortable confiding in her. For better or worse, you are laying your soul bare and bonding. If you are lucky, she will feel encouraged to do the same with you.

Never Entertain Fear

If you’re not in the best of moods, your natural inclination will be to avoid conversation. You’re hardly at your most charming, sociable, and likable self when you’re feeling low. Be open about having a bad day or an argument with a close friend or family member. As you talk through these issues, you might find that you’re having a deeply invested, honest conversation about something you usually wouldn’t talk about.

Never Argue

It’s perfectly normal to disagree on some subjects. The key to handle the disagreement is changing the topic or letting it go without debating for or against it. If you end up disagreeing on something, ensure you voice your points in an honest, polite, and respectful manner. Some of the most stimulating conversations are friendly disagreements, and if handled right, these can make great memories.

Know That It Has to Be Natural

Not every conversation has to be (or can be) scripted and go according to a planned schedule. As humans, we’re bound to react to things organically, and conversations can go independently. It becomes a natural conversation because no one is really “trying.” Learn to recognize this feeling and embrace it when it happens to you.


In order to make an improved conversation with your girl and also get her attention in a conversation, you will have to speak with confidence and respect. Get an idea about her interests, likes, and dislikes, and honestly share your ideas, thoughts, and interests. Ask questions that are open-ended and listen to her patiently, keeping the conversation focused on her.

Be Actively Involved in the Convo

A common mistake people make when they’re nervous, especially on dates, is jumping from one topic to another in a conversation. For example, you might start with workplace issues and suddenly change it to the weather. Instead of running through topics, show interest in whatever comes up and see each conversation to its organic end before switching to a new topic.

Discuss Matters of Interests

People in general love to talk about things they are passionate about. However, while talking to a woman, especially one you’ve recently met, don’t assume she will be interested too. For example, your passion for golf might not interest her. And if you ramble about it, she might get bored. You can, however, bring up your interests if asked.

Understand the Current of the Conversation

There are few feelings as gratifying as finding someone with shared interests and being able to talk about these things passionately. If you’re both passionate about cooking, talk about what meals you made each day. However, it could become monotonous after a while. That’s when you should taper off and change the subject.

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