The Most Lucrative Courses in Nigeria.

Only few courses can be identified as the most lucrative courses in Nigeria because Nigeria as an African country have limited priorities on education. As a result of this, available resources and facilities determine which course or courses can be offered to students. This means students can simply choose from the options available, and not truly choosing from the abundance available according to their flair and capabilities. Following this fact, many rich homes send their wards or children overseas where students can really get to study what they have ever dreamt capable of studying.

The most lucrative courses in Nigeria are not so many, considering the given backdrop above. People believe not all courses are as lucrative or profitable as others are. When you search for reasons why it is like that, so many Nigerians won’t be able to highlight any tangible one. That is because most of the respect they give to a certain course is merely generational and no one knows why such course is more important than the other.

Since there is only a cultural reason as to why there are the most lucrative courses in Nigeria at the expense of hundreds of other academic degree courses that graduates can pursue to greatness, this article will be bringing to your knowledge only those courses that are considered the most lucrative courses in Nigeria.

The Most Lucrative Courses in Nigeria.

By ‘lucrative’, one means some university courses, when studied and turned into career, are capable of making one a very wealthy man because of the millions of Naira which they stand capable of turning in at every practice of it. Unlike other courses which when practiced are not as profitable as the ones that shall be listed here to you. The most lucrative courses in Nigeria that you can pursue are:

1. Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and Surgery is one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria because of the high esteem allotted to the course or anyone who practices it in the Nigerian society. Every child and parents want doctors in their family. Just asking any child what they want to become in the closest future, the next thing you hear is “doctor”. Medical doctors are highly paid or that they make the most money when they practice independently as a private hospital. Nigerians respect doctors a lot, and so medicine and surgery will the highest pay job.

2. Veterinary

There are only few homes without the rearing of animals. That is why there are many shops where animals drugs are sold in every street in Nigeria. Veterinary is used to describe the work of a person whose job is to treat sick or injured animals, or to describe the medical treatment of animals. These doctors treat especially dogs of rich men, and as so, they charge hundreds of thousand if not millions for treatment of some animals, in special cases. This too in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria.

3. Petroleum Engineering

This course too is one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria, and this is because students who study this course get to work in big oil companies and start to earn in millions of naira, if not dollars.

4. Accounting

Accountancy or accounting as it is called is a great course in the university. Studying this course means a free ticket to an available job in the labor market where accountants are paid so well in different companies where they are employable.

5. Business Management/Administration

Business management focuses on organizing and managing a company’s resources (including human capital). Graduates with certificate in this course can start a business, or efficiently manage a business organization. This is because the course is not only focused on making money alone, but it is also people-centric. It means HR officers as much as they are highly paid workers they must have had their degree in Business Management or Administration.

6. Engineering

Engineering is the designing, testing and building of machines, structures and processes using Maths and science. Studying it can lead to a rewarding career. Engineering is a discipline dedicated to problem solving and that is why it is one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria.

7. Estate Management

Estate Management, no doubt, is an economically reliable course because of it concentration on housing, building or construction of humongous houses, etc. As every man needs shelter and a beautiful one at that, you as an Estate Management graduate will have the grace to deal primarily with rich people and as so, earn big money from every contract you get.

8. Aviation

There are many aviation schools in Nigeria where students can get to have access to the study of aviation and its other related courses. It is no longer news that graduates who are working as pilots in Nigeria typically earn around 569,000 NGN per month. Their salaries range from 290,000 NGN (lowest) to 877,000 NGN (highest). This is enough reason for it to be one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria.

9. Computer Science

Computer Science is a very good and profitable course to study in Nigeria; this is because graduates with a degree in computer science can work almost everywhere as far as it is a tech-oriented environment.

10. Nursing

It is not arguable to know that nursing as an academic course is a very productive course. Nurses in Nigeria are one of the most highly paid workers, either as Federal Government or as a Private Institution worker. It is one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria.

Others are:

  • Pharmacy
  • Information Technology
  • Geology

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