MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship for International Students who are inspiring to study in USA and Canada-2020

MPOWER’s mission is to support international students and their career aspirations. Our scholarships are just one of the many ways we fulfill our mission. They know that many scholarships come with restrictions and entry fees that limit accessibility. MPOWER, therefore, created scholarships that are widely accessible to international students.

At MPOWER, they believe that they’re not just expanding access to higher education. they’re also creating globally-minded, multi-lingual, culturally-competent graduates poised to take on the world’s most pressing problems in science, technology, business, and public policy! In recognition of the extraordinary potential of these students, we’ve created the MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship. they’ve intentionally designed this scholarship program to be as broad as possible to match the broad, diverse experiences of international students. And there’s no requirement to be an MPOWER borrower to apply!

MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship

Other Criteria

Qualify to Enter: The student must have been accepted or enrolled at a full-time program at a U.S. or Canadian school that MPOWER supports The student must have one of the following immigration statuses.

For study at a U.S. partner college or university: student visa, Green Card holder (permanent resident) status, or a DACA recipient status. For study at a Canadian partner college or university: permanent resident or Canadian study permit holder

Host Countries: Canada and United States

Number of Awards: 5

Nationality Required: All nationality

Field(s) of Study: Unrestricted

Award Amount: $5000

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Deadline: April 15


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