Owner of Galaxy TV and Short History.

Owner of Galaxy TV and Short History is another reveal on the lifestyle of one of the Nigeria’s richest industrialists, TV entrepreneurs, and entertainers who have directly contributed to the expansion of the Entertainment industry. They have also proven to be employers of labour who have provided several opportunities for talents across the Nigerian states.

Shall we together talke a smooth ride to knowing some things about the net worth of the owner of Galaxy TV and short history about the TV station itself.

Owner of Galaxy TV and Short History.

History of Galaxy TV.

Although AIT and Silverbird are considered to be some of the largest private TV broadcast companies in Nigeria, Galaxy Television is the first privately registered television station in Nigeria and also the first to broadcast in May 1994 from the hills of Oke-Are, Ibadan with 10 kilowatts Areodyne transmitter.

The TV station is always focusing on breaking news about business, sport, entertainment, politics, health in Nigeria and throughout the world.

Ever since it started its full-time broadcasting, the station has been consistently able to maintain between 60 – 75% viewership in Oyo State, Lagos State, and the neighboring Osun and Ogun States.

In its vision to maintain a world-class image, Galaxy Television made a re-branding of their logo at the Second Quarter of 2010.

And just a year before the rebranding, Galaxy Online TV was immediately launched in Summer 2009. Since then they have gradually built an consistent online presence.

Presently, Galaxy TV Ibadan is rated the number one television station in terms of viewership.

Owner of Galaxy TV and Short History.

Galaxy TV CEO and Net Worth.

Owner of Galaxy TV and Short History.

Galaxy TV CEO Steve Ojo is the pioneer of one of the popularly watched private broadcasting television company in Nigeria. He started his professional life in Nigeria and Africa’s first TV station in Ibadan in 1966 and after working for a while, he finally went to the United States of America to study in 1968. He stayed there for 10 years before he came back to set up the first production company in Nigeria.

Steve runs a company that encompasses studios, Nollywood production and distributorship. He also owns a hotel, Platinum Apartments & Suites located within Ikeja GRA, Lagos.

He is such a successful entertainer and businessman, except for the recent indictment made against him.

Information has revealed that the station, owned by Steve Ojo, has refused to accede to accounts reconciliation because of some financial infractions. He therefore opted for “forced extraction of commitment” by involving the Police to help in the intimidation of the personnel of the media specialist agency in forcing the organization to pay a debt they have disputed with documentary evidence.

A source revealed then that for the business to get back on its course, there will be need for the injection of substantial funds very urgently. This may not be unconnected to the reason Chief Ojo is now leveraging on its TV station partners to extract debts not necessarily owed.

Currently, with all his asset estimates, Steve Ojo–the CEO Galaxy Television station is worth a whooping $1.7 million.

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