Reading, writing and note taking skills for learners….

Reading writing and note taking skills for learners

Reading writing and note taking skills for learners

Reading writing and note taking skills for learners…

Studying Skills section two:

In the previous article we discuss the first skill for studying.

1 Listening Skills


2 Note taking

Note taking is the second skill we will discuss in this article. You should be capable of taking notes whenever you are reading. In fact, the more you shorten what you are reading, the more you can get them into your brain. Note taking and making help to shorten a large volume of what you are reading. Therefore, you need the skill of note taking and note making. When studying;

  1. put notes down;
  2. use abbreviations to shorten notes;
  3. be consistent in note taking;
  4. let your notes be neat;


3 Writing

 If you read and you are unable to put what you read down for the people to know that you have read, then no reading is done. Reading and writing are thus interrelated skills.

Writing involves the ability to put things down in a clear, precise, coherent and effective manner. You must learn to write well, especially during examinations. Of course, you learn to write well by imitating good writers. And you can only come in contact with good writers by reading widely.

Reading writing and note taking skills for learners…

4 Reading

 One of the most important skills of studying skills is reading. Reading occupies a central place in studying. This is because most of the information we need is stored in books. Thus, to be able to retrieve information that will be learnt, you have to acquire efficient reading ability.

Reading skills involve mainly reading to learn. As you must have noticed in your attempt to list reading components, to be able to read to learn:

  1. you must be in control of the material you are reading;
  2. you must be able to understand and comprehend the material;
  3. you must be able to read with the speed required to complete the volume of things you have to learn;
  4. you must be able to read between the lines and beyond the lines;
  5. you must be able to apply what you are reading to relevant learning situations;
  6. you must be able to read and create new ideas from what you are reading.

Reading is an important study skill and component of learning. If you read efficiently, you will learn. Without reading, you cannot learn many things. In studying therefore;

  1. you must read verywell;
  2. you must read with concentration;
  3. you must read where there are less distractions;
  4. you must read and ensure you are learning.
  5. you must read and be able to recall what you are learning.

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