Top 10 Richest Men in Kebbi State and their Net Worth

Kebbi State is a state in north-western Nigeria. It was created on August 27, 1991, out of a division of Sokoto State. The state is named after the Kebbi River, which flows through it. It is bordered by Sokoto State to the north, Niger State to the south, Zamfara State to the east, and the nation of Niger to the west. Kebbi State is home to various ethnic groups, including the Hausa, Fulani, Dakarkari, Kambari, and Zabarma. The population is predominantly Muslim.

Agriculture is the mainstay of Kebbi State’s economy. The state is renowned for its large-scale rice farming, with the Argungu area particularly famous for its rice production. Fishing, animal husbandry, and trade are also significant economic activities.

The state is a land brimming with economic potential and driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of its residents. While specific data on individual wealth may be elusive, the economic landscape of Kebbi State is defined by key industries, businesses, and visionaries who contribute significantly to its growth and prosperity.

Let us explore some of the prominent economic titans shaping the fortunes of Kebbi State:

Argungu Rice Farmers Cooperative Society:

At the heart of Kebbi State’s agricultural prowess lies the Argungu Rice Farmers Cooperative Society. This cooperative comprises thousands of farmers who cultivate rice on a large scale, particularly in the fertile plains around the Argungu area. Their efforts have propelled Kebbi State to become one of the leading rice-producing states in Nigeria, contributing to both food security and economic development.

Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic, Birnin Kebbi:

Education is a vital component of economic development, and the Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic plays a crucial role in providing technical and vocational education to the youth of Kebbi State. The institution offers a wide range of programs in fields such as engineering, agriculture, business, and technology, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to contribute to various sectors of the economy.

Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero:

Another cornerstone of education in Kebbi State is the Kebbi State University of Science and Technology located in Aliero. This institution focuses on science, technology, and innovation, offering programs that are aligned with the needs of industries in the state and beyond. By producing graduates who are well-trained and competent, the university plays a key role in driving innovation and entrepreneurship in Kebbi State.

Kebbi State Ministry of Commerce and Industry:

The Kebbi State Ministry of Commerce and Industry plays a pivotal role in promoting trade and investment within the state. Through initiatives such as trade fairs, business forums, and investment summits, the ministry creates opportunities for local businesses to thrive and attract investment from both domestic and international sources. By fostering a conducive business environment, the ministry contributes to job creation and economic growth in Kebbi State.

Kebbi State Agricultural Development Programme (Kebbi ADP):

Agriculture is the backbone of Kebbi State’s economy, and the Kebbi State Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) plays a central role in supporting farmers and promoting agricultural productivity. The ADP provides extension services, training programs, and access to inputs and credit facilities, enabling farmers to adopt modern agricultural practices and increase their yields. Through its efforts, the ADP contributes to poverty reduction and food security in the state.

Kebbi State Investment and Property Development Company (KSIPDC):

As the primary vehicle for promoting investment and property development in Kebbi State, the KSIPDC plays a crucial role in attracting capital and facilitating infrastructure development. The company invests in various sectors of the economy, including real estate, tourism, and manufacturing, thereby stimulating economic growth and creating employment opportunities for the people of Kebbi State.

Kebbi State Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (KECCIMA):

The KECCIMA serves as the voice of businesses in Kebbi State, advocating for policies that promote business growth and economic development. Through its networking events, capacity-building programs, and advocacy efforts, the chamber supports entrepreneurs and facilitates partnerships that drive innovation and competitiveness in the state’s economy.

Kebbi State Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development:

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development plays a critical role in formulating and implementing policies that support agricultural development and rural transformation in Kebbi State. By providing infrastructure, extension services, and incentives to farmers, the ministry enhances agricultural productivity, improves livelihoods, and promotes sustainable development in rural communities.

Kebbi State Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (KESMEDA):

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the engine of economic growth in Kebbi State, and KESMEDA plays a vital role in supporting their development. The agency provides training, financing, and business advisory services to SMEs, helping them to overcome challenges and grow their businesses. By empowering SMEs, KESMEDA fosters entrepreneurship, job creation, and poverty alleviation in the state.

Private Sector Entrepreneurs:

Beyond government agencies and institutions, private sector entrepreneurs play a significant role in driving economic growth and prosperity in Kebbi State. From agribusiness ventures to manufacturing enterprises, these entrepreneurs contribute to job creation, wealth generation, and the diversification of the state’s economy.


In conclusion, Kebbi State is blessed with a rich tapestry of economic actors who are driving growth, innovation, and prosperity across various sectors. By harnessing the collective efforts of government agencies, educational institutions, business associations, and private sector entrepreneurs, Kebbi State is poised to realize its full potential and emerge as a leading economic powerhouse in Nigeria.

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