Is Saint Monica University Accredited in Nigeria.

Among some of the very attended foreign universities across the world is Saint Monica University. What therefore makes the question, is Saint Monica University accredited in Nigeria, an inquisitive one is the news of its optimal  delivery of academic as well as research operations in Africa, Cameroon for instance, and it is no longer hidden.

With the permanent campus located in Cameroon around the Bulu neighborhood in Buea, and also christened Civitas Dei which in Latin means The City of God,  Saint Monica University was suggested in 2001 by some American scholars until 2012 when it got its name as a non-profit university. As time went by, it grows and therefore begins to capitalize its operations after it had sought authorization to fully gain ground in Cameroon; the campus of the institution is further extended to the UK where it has its satellite following the need for expansion.

Was the School ever Accredited?

Accredited by the United Kingdom-based Accreditation Service for International Colleges, Saint Monica University is a private independent Catholic university first conceived by some couples of foreign bodies in Cameroon.

The institution runs absolutely an American-style university which offers career-focused programs in liberal arts, science, and technology, thereby giving educational opportunities for the intellectual, social, entrepreneurial and professional development of a diverse student population across the world. Anyone with interest in the school can run a Bachelor’s, Master’s–all on-campus both in Cameroon and online from anywhere in the world.

Is Saint Monica University Accredited in Nigeria.

Though Saint Monica University is accredited to operate anywhere in the world, this wonderful foreign institution is presently not in Nigeria. However, it has an on-line operations where anyone form across the world including Nigeria can have access to relishing many of her wide range of academic opportunities.

Currently, Saint Monica University has four different faculties commonly called schools within its administrations. These are:

1. School of Arts, Education & Humanities

This faculty or school has an institute which operate under it. This is the Institute for Ethics, Democracy, and Human Rights.

2. School of Business and Public Policy

The School of Business and Public Policy also has its one institute which is the Institute for Sustainable Development & Entrepreneurship.

3. School of Science, Engineering and Technology

Another one under this faculty of science is the Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies and the Environment and Rural Development Foundation. The focus is majorly science-related.

4. School of Health & Human Services

The last one here does not have any institute under it as it stands on its own.

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