Secrets of Success in Examinations in Distance Learning.

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Secrets of Success in Examinations in Distance Learning.

Secrets of Success in Examinations in Distance Learning.

Secrets of Success in Examinations in Distance Learning..….In this article, l will discuss some of the secrets of success in examinations. How do you feel before an examination ?Is it depressed, worried, anxious, fearful, stressful and tense or confident? I believe some of this feelings are in inevitable.   Your feelings about examinations will decide your path to success. If you always feel confident, happy and challenged then you are positively disposed to examinations and that is a good attitude. But many students are negatively disposed to examinations: they feel discouraged, depressed, worried, memory loss, fearful, etc. You should always feel positive about examinations. Feel that you can make it. Since others before made it, why not me?

Perhaps the worst of the negative attitudes is stress. Many students feel stressed even long before examinations. Be courageous. Start early. Be confident. Move on with confidence. Believe you can do it.

The following are some of the steps you can follow during examination period

1. Start early

 To pass examinations you have to start studying very early. In fact your first day of lecture should be your first day of preparing for examinations. You should read for the lectures before the lecture and read after the lecture. Put down major points in your jotter in preparation for revision later.

2. Work hard

 Nothing is achieved without hard work. Do not play with your time. Work consistently hard. Many students pile up their work till the last minute. This is not the best way to prepare for examinations.

3. Read widely

 Do not just depend on what is in your study pack. Read widely. Read some of the textbooks recommended for you. Listen to the audio- recordings and video-recordings of the lecturers prepared for you.

4. Reduce what to study

 You cannot read and understand all that will be given in notes, handouts or textbooks. You need to learn the skills of note taking and note making. The more you summarise and reduce what to learn the better your focus and understanding of the materials to learn for examinations.

5. Revise

 Revise for all examinations before the exam. Examination time is not the time to read new things or attempt to learn new things. Examination time is the time to revise and put back to memory what you have learnt before.

6. Be familiar with the exam pattern

 You need to be familiar with the format, the demands and the content of the examination you are preparing for. Get in touch with past question papers. Look for questions that are always set, the one that are rarely set and the ones that are not set at all. Study in order of importance of the topics.

7. Be organised

 Plan your work. Be fully organised during examinations. Be calm. Work according to your plan of study.

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